Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sometimes I just can win....

Today I rode my bike to campus to visit my old co-workers from when I planned events for my college. In honor of Earth Day (it's really tomorrow) they were giving away energy efficient light bulbs, reusable grocery bags, and little plants! It was pretty neat!

In preparation, I decided I would paint my toe nails because they were a little chipped and needed some help. Two coats of Strawberry Electric and one clear coat later, I was ready to sport my flip flops with pride.
I then packed up my backpack with the basics: water bottle, keys, phone, and a snack and headed to the balcony to get my bike. After struggling to get the darn thing to turn around so I could drive in through the house to the front door, the back tire ran over my perfectly painted big toe!

I was so mad, but I knew I couldn't just leave it, I had to touch it up. So I quickly put my bike on the porch and then touched up the toe. Locked up the house, and took my bike down the stairs. I then go to get on my bike and my OTHER big toe hits the pedal and gets messed up too! Being the OCD type person that I am, I parked my bike, went back upstairs, unlocked the house, touched up my toe, locked the house back up, and FINALLY commenced on my journey.

As if this couldn't get any more ridiculous, I'm just cruisin' along, and come to the first intersection, so I stop and push the cross walk button and wait for my turn. When the red hand turned in to a little person I started crossing the street. Now ya know when you first start riding and you have to get that momentum going so you stand up and pedal? Well I did this, and somehow I scuffed the first big toe on my pedal! Knowing it would be stupid to turn around again, I stopped on the other side of the street and tried to push the nail polish around in order to cover up the spot that just got ripped off.

What makes me mad is that my polish had been on for a good 45 min or so, it should have been dry enough to withstand a little biking action, and as far as that "super hard coat" clear coat: LIES!!

in the end, Earth day at school was fun, I saw a lot of my friends and enjoyed the sun, now it's back to job searching!



Josh said...

you forgot to put you saw me at work too

Blablover5 said...

It's a rule for me that as soon as I paint my nails I have to dig my fingers into the most caustic chemicals for some very important mission and promptly destroy all that hard work.

Just Mr. Murphy's way of saying he doesn't really care for painted nails I guess.

Mare said...

I hate it when that happens but I love that your toe nail dryer things have googly eyes on them.

jen + ryan said...

oh gosh... that story is SO just like what happens to me all the time :)