Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance to the Playoff Beard!

I'm not sure how many of you follow hockey, but the NHL Hockey Playoffs are going on right now. And as tradition has it, if your team goes to Playoffs you don't shave for good luck. Lucky for me, the San Jose Shark's (Josh's favorite team) made it as the number one seed for the first round of the Playoffs, which means Josh hasn't shaved in quite some time.

Sadly, last night the Shark's were eliminated from the first round of the Playoffs after six games against the Anaheim Ducks. What does this mean for me? JOSH CAN FINALLY SHAVE! And trust me, I didn't waste any time, as soon as the game was over, I made him get rid of that scruffy and scratchy attempt at a beard.

Pre-Shave Beard
Why is Josh shaving in the shower you might ask? Because I am a germ freak, and with that much hair coming off of his face I don't want it anywhere near the sink, my bathroom cup, or any surface that I use regularly. Plus it cleans up a lot easier when you can just wash it down the drain.
See what I'm talking about?! haha he also emptied the holding tank on his razor, so not all of that was on his face, but still! So nasty!
Finally, Smooth!
Can I also share with you the delish Tereyaki Chicken Skewers we made for dinner on the BBQ last night? Yum!
Okay, time for me to continue the job hunt! ta ta!



Casey said...

Yeah for no more beard!! Since hubby is in the AF, I don't have to worry about a beard, but we do have "mustache March." Every wife here looks forward to April 1 :)

Life with Lindsey said...

I liked the beard!

1 Hot Dish said...

What a change - he looks so different!!

That chicken looks amazing! Good luck with the job search.

Thanks for your sweet comment. :)