Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barbie is in the Oven

As many of you already know, my Mom is making me a Barbie cake for my birthday (at my request haha) So here is a little teaser.... her body is in the oven right now!

Scandalous Barbie! Put some frosting on!
Her soon to be skirt, made of delicious Funfetti cake!
More Pictures to come from my Birthday on Thursday and the finished Barbie cake!

Have a Great Weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me :)

Yay!! Today is my birthday! I'm 23 years old!

Josh and I are going to San Francisco today to go shopping, then out to dinner at my favorite restaurant! I can't wait!!

Tomorrow we are heading back to Livermore to celebrate with my family! I'm so excited, my Mom is going to make me a Barbie cake, ya know, the ones with the actual Barbie in it?!!? Hahaha!

Pictures to come....

Have a Great Weekend!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair Cut and Birthday Shout Out!

So I did it! I got a hair cut :) I was SO close to going to Great Clips, but I read the reviews online for the local one and let me tell you, it wasn't something I was ready to risk. Plus I was able to find a great salon that had 20% of your first visit, and I was able to get my eyebrows waxed too, so it worked out perfect!

Before with Super Long Hair
Ughhh see what I mean!! So dead at the end! And boring!
New! Shorter and feels so much lighter!
Good Bye Lion's Mane!
Yay to my new haircut!


Happy 23rd Birthday Katie! Enjoy these ridiculously old/silly pictures of us (and Josh-wa) haha.

Ohhhh Joshy and the bug net...

Myself, Katie's sister Becca, and Katie
Sweet Van!
At the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz
Lovely haha
Boating at Lake Camanche
Yes, Katie is attempting to braid Josh's Armpit hair. This is what camping for an extended period of time in the heat will do to you (or at least Katie haha)
Day Trip to SF!
The Day before I left for SSU, my cousin did our hair
Senior Ball
Boating :)
GHS Graduation
BAHAHA... inside joke.
Here are some wonderful fun facts about Katie and Myself....
-We were born one day apart
-Our Mom's have the same middle name
-Our Grandpa's have the same first name
-Our Mom's have the same China
-We both have VERY similar names, obviously both named Katie, and our last names are almost identical
-We both have a birthmark on the back of our knee that is shaped like a continent

Happy Birthday Katie! Thank you for so many great years of friendship and hilarious memories!!


Warning: Picture Heavy Post!

This weekend was a fun one! A three day-er and filled with stuff! Saturday was SSU's Commencement, with Henry Rollins as the Key Note Speaker (def. interesting). I've been working part time in the Alumni Association Office, so I went to help out during Graduation, and to see off some of my favorite people!

Henry Rollins
Andi and I with her French Major Hat, complete with a postcards and Baguette!!
Bridget and I! Bridget was my roommate Junior and Senior Year.
After graduation, Josh and I joined our good friend Allie and her family for her Celebratory Graduation Dinner! We headed to the restaurant early to surprise decorate the table, and I must say it turned out FAB-U-LUSSS! Sadly, the tragedy of the day, I didn't get a picture with Allie! :( Good thing we have a million others haha. After dinner we dropped a very happy Allie off at her house and we headed home and went to bed.

Sunday, Josh and I met up with my family in San Francisco to go to the De Young Museum and The Academy of Sciences. They were both really neat! We went to the Academy first, which didn't open until 11AM and there was a HUGE line outside, luckily it moved fast and we got in around 11:20.

The Academy of Sciences
They had all sorts of things there, including creepy crawly cocroaches!
Mom and the baby Giraffe (her favorite animal)
Albino Alligator! It was so weird looking!
Inside the Rain forest Dome
Looking into the bottom of the rain forest dome, there were HUGE fish in there.
Pretty Butterfly in the Rain forest Dome
Ceiling of the Rain forest Dome
Outside on the Living Roof!
It's like a Teletubbie Paradise! haha
The De Young Museum across Golden Gate Park. We went up in that tower!
We had a picnic in the park, it was a bit chilly, but still fun. Clay, Josh, and I threw a Frisbee around to stay warm. And there was a funny band playing that reminded me of something from Mary Poppins.
Art inside the De Young
Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal being crucified on this art. I swear a little girl walked by moments after this picture with the most CONFUSED look on her face, like "What the Hell Happened to Mickey??"
Large Blown Glass Fruit!
I'm not even going to pretend like I know what's happening here.
View of the Academy of Sciences from the De Young Tower
View of SF and the bay from the tower!
Clay and Josh's birthday's are a month apart and I accidentally bought them the same sweatshirt (among other things), so this happens on occasion...
Joshy and I! :)
Driving home across the Golden Gate Bridge!
Monday was spent catching up on everything! Allie and I ran errands to prep for our Memorial Day BBQ, I cleaned the house and did laundry, and we of course watched the Season Premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Bed time came fast, and work this morning came even faster!

Now it's time for some ice cream and COPS with Joshy :)


Snip Snip

I need a hair cut BAD. My hair is SOOOOOOO long and somewhat dead from blow drying/flat ironing it every other day.

Here's my dilemma: My hair girl is in Livermore, where my Parents live. I am in Rohnert Park... an hour and a half away.

I'm seriously going crazy and want a haircut NOW, I'm tempted to go get one of the 12.99 haircuts with the coupon that came in the mail for Great Clips.

I usually go to a nice salon, but really, they will both wash my hair, cut it with scissors, and dry it up, so is there really a big difference minus the fancy shampoo?

Tomorrow I WILL get a hair cut, the only decision is do I go to a fancy salon for a $50+ hair cut or keep it cheap with the $12.99 option.

What would you do??


Monday, May 25, 2009


Jon and Kate Plus 8.... Did anyone else watch the season premier tonight??

1. I feel so bad for Kate, usually I think she is pretty mean, but tonight I just felt so sad/bad for her
2. Jon seems like he just wants to totally abandon his responsibilities
3. It's really sad to watch their marriage just fall apart like that on tv, the lack of privacy must be killing them, on top of what it's already doing/done to their marriage.
4. Hannah is so cute and I love Alexis's infatuation with Alligators

I normally don't get so wrapped up in "reality" television, but I like love watching it and hopefully Jon and Kate will be able to work everything out.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Sending a big Thanks to all of our troops who have served, are serving, or will serve the great USA! :)

Weekend Update to come soon! :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

...I graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies and two Minors in Business and Anthropology.

Our school has two ceremonies, one at 9AM and one at 3PM. Luckily for me I was in the afternoon one because it was POURING rain all morning and the 1,500 graduates in the first ceremony didn't get to walk, have their names called, or hear any of the speeches - it was terrible! It was still questionable during the 3PM ceremony if we would get to walk because it was raining off and on, but luckily Mother Nature took a break so I didn't have to go gradzilla on anyone.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from graduation, it was such a great day! Our keynote speaker was Ruben 'Hurricane' Carter who gave a really great speech and even brought his trophy belts haha.

My Best Friend Stephanie and I :)
Mother Nature and her daunting clouds! Luckily I had a cute umbrella to carry that day!
Christina, Emily, and I - Freezing our butts off because we were all wet from the rain! Plus we had to sit on the edge of our chairs because they had puddles of water in them!
Getting ready to go up and get my named called.
YAY! I did it! :)
So happy it's not raining and we are going to get food soon.
My family!

So here's to reminicing about a great day, a day that I will remember forever! Congrats to this year's Class of 2009!