Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been wanting to go to a Britney concert for a while, and I finally gave in and bought tickets = best decision EVER! Josh and I went to the Circus last night, and boy o boy, if nothing else, the tickets were worth the circus performers alone! It was insane!!

Our seats were really good, we didn't have anyone directly in front of us, so we could stand and lean against this railing, which was way better than just standing. If I were to do it again (and I had a job/regular income) I would have spent more money on the tickets so we could have been closer, but oh well, this was good enough for an unemployed gal on a budget! haha Enjoy the pictures, sorry they are kinda blurry, but I didn't use flash very much because the lady next to me kept giving me the stink eye.

Me and Our Tickets!
(and our funny fake chicken on the railing -more on that another day)

Josh driving to BRITNEY!
Oracle Arena in Oakland
Now I don't want to be mean, but seriously, there were so many girls dressed like hoochie mamas! I know it's a fun thing to dress up and everything, but it was 60 Degrees out!! And it's not like there were any single guys there to impress... I dunno, call me crazy or a party pooper, but I guess I'm just a bit more practical... and grannyish. haha

The Three Ring Circus set up before the concert started. They took the covers off the outer two rings after the Pussycat Dolls performed.
Joshy and I!
(He wouldn't shave his "attempt" at a play off beard for Brtiney...)

Crazy Circus Act spinning a cube super fast above his head and around his body!
Lady Spinning tons of hoops around her body while standing upside down on one foot!
This picture doesn't do these people justice. There were two guys holding a bendy balance beam board, and the girl would jump and do a flip, and the guys would move accordingly to catch her. It was CRAZY. I can't believe she didn't fall.
CIRCUS! They had this neat circular video screen that they would lower and move, it was really neat!
Perez Hilton...
Brtiney in a circus animal cage.
During If You Seek Amy!
Britney floating around in a picture frame!

If You Seek Amy Clip

Womanizer/Encore Clip

Overall it was an AMAZING show! Inbetween the stage changes they always had some form of entertainment, like circus acts or something on the circular video screen. It was really neat. I would reccomend going if it is going to be in a city near you, even if you aren't a huge fan, it is WORTH the money!

Side note: for those who were wondering, Josh is not a big fan of B.Spears, but he was a good sport and went with me anyways! :) And he said he had fun, even better!



Lil' Woman said...

Looks like a great show! :) I think it already came thru Florida

jlc said...

Ahhhh such fun!! I HEARTTTTT Britney!!! My BFF was kinda bothered that she lip synched everything but 1 song... but STILL it was an awesome show.

She is THE performer.

Mare said...

I like some of Britney's songs, especially Stronger. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Josh really is a great sport.


Life with Lindsey said...

Sounds Awesome! So glad you had a good time, glad you spent the money!!! Congrats