Friday, February 26, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

At my work we get a variety of customers, but one thing remains constant - many of them shop with their dogs (which I personally think is stupid - your dog does not need to go to the mall with you, but whatever).

Anyways, recently a customer came in with this pooch and when Janell and I realized it had PAINTED TOE NAILS we knew we had to get a picture. So she pretended to be playing with the dog while I crouched down behind the counter and got a picture of it and its nails haha.
The only problem was the little dog kept moving, so Janell had to somewhat hold it in place, but in the end we got the picture so it was all worth it!

I have never seen something like this, and I hope I never see it again! haha


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gym Freak of The Week

Today I have had to create a new sector in the Gym Freak realm, which is the gym dress code freak. Reason being is that the girl under review today didn't do anything overly freakish, she just should have looked in a mirror before she left the house...

Exhibit A:
Here is my advice, and you can take it or leave it, but if you are going to wear super tight stretchy pants and a super tight stretchy long shirt with a thong that is obviously squeezing into your booty, please look in the mirror before you leave the house.

Because quite honestly I don't want to look at the outline of your thong digging into your body as I briefly walk by, so I'm going to guess that the lady on the treadmill behind you ins't too excited about looking at it for her 45 min workout.

Just a thought...


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look what I found...

So in browsing the interwebz for places to live (now that we will soon be homeless) I have come across some real winners, but my favorite by far has to be this little gem:
I mean, who WOULDN'T want to live in a TWO STORY mobile home??? hahahaha Can you even imagine what the neighbors must think of the people who live in this bad boy - talk about trying to keep up with the Joneses! haha

disclaimer: we will not be moving into a mobile home park
(or so I hope - unless of course it is a two story, then maybe I will consider it, haha jk!!)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


this weekend seemed to drag on forever.

Josh left Friday for a hockey tournament in LA so I was home alone (in relative terms, Stephanie was home) without him. I hate when he is gone, I can't sleep and I am always so cold because he keeps the bed so warm haha.

I stayed up way too late Friday AND Saturday watching the Olympics, I love the Olympics.

I worked Saturday and a split shift on Sunday because we had our inventory for work, we counted 6,883 units in our store. This coming Sunday our staff is going to see Valentine's Day as a group so that should be fun.

Other than that, we are still trying to figure out what to do with our living situation and see if/when we get our notice served to us. So annoying!

I'm feeling pretty tired and so ready for my 3 day weekend in a few weeks for my Dad's 50th birthday... just counting down the days!

And just a little something for all of you ladies out there, considering I forgot to do an iPhone Foto Friday (UGH! Stupid landlord!)...

Today we put in a work request for the lock on our door to be repaired at work and this is what we were sent! Hallelujah!! hahaha!
Considering we are a store full of female employees who deal with a female client base - this was quite a little treat! hahaha I couldn't help but take a picture, especially with all of the girls egging me on! haha


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Annnnnd the response...


Hi Katie,

Thank you so much for letting me know about Douchebag coming to the house. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and you are right! You are dealing with me and this is between Douchebag and I. The truth of the matter is that we are filing for a divorce and we have been separated since last October. He seems to have been in denial and now thinks he can step in to all I have been managing.

What I would like to do is meet with you and the room mates or just you however you would like and let you know what could happen. I dont know if I will keep the unit or if I will have to include it into a bankruptcy. But nevertheless, if I do a BK, you will not be legally obligated to pay the rent. I am meeting with an attorney today, so please just give me a call and we can meet this weekend.

I will talk to Douchebag. Sorry! By the way, he can not evict you.


After talking to her on the phone it looks as though the townhouse we live in is going to be foreclosed on, and we will be getting a move out notice sometime soon. EXCELLENT!

So here is our question: why did it take her d-bag ex coming over for her to give us the heads up?? Stupid Stupid Stupid!

I do not want to pack up and move again, just thinking about it makes me tired and sore already!

I need to buy a house...


Friday, February 19, 2010

Our stupid A$$ land lord...

Our landlord is divorced. The townhouse we live in is a property her and her ex own. Our lease states we pay her $X amount each month, simple.

Well tonight her ex husband came knocking on the door, told us that we now need to write him a check for half of the rent because his name is on the lease (which it is not) and because she isn't giving him any of the rent money. He also said that if we do not comply he will evict us.

How can you evict us when you aren't on our lease? And I'm sorry funny man, but I'm not paying you any money unless I have a written agreement.

Soooo I wrote our stupid landlady this lovely email...

Hi Beezy,

I just wanted to let you know that this evening Your Douchebag Ex came by and spoke to Josh about our rent payments. He told Josh that from here on out we need to be writing two checks for rent, one to you, and one to him.

He said that if he is not given a check we will be evicted because he is on the lease. He was very nice about the situation and suggested that Josh, Stephanie, and I all meet with him when we can.

Here is the issue, his name is not on our lease, therefore we do not feel comfortable paying him, nor do we believe that we are legally required to do so.

It would be a major inconvenience to have to split the rent evenly into two checks when all three of us pay a different amount, and we are already writing one single check to you.

If he is to be paid half of the rent and we are going to be required to write him a check as well, we would need a new lease with this agreement in writing, otherwise we will continue to pay you for rent with one check every month.

Please let me know how we should proceed from here on out, and if you can mediate. I don't really feel that it should be our responsibility to deal with him - or the financial situation between the two of you.



Sooo aggravated!! Do any of you know much about this kind of thing? We aren't obligated to pay him too just because he owns the house with her, right??



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Awards! Awards! Awards!

I am finally getting around to posting all of the sweet awards I have been given over the last week or so by some fabulous blogger ladies! :)
Not all of the awards came with rules, so I am just going to tag 5 lovely blogs for each!

First up is the Best Blog Award from Kate @ Sometimes Life is Messy
Christy @ Delightfully Domestic
Hailey @ Destined For Royalty
Megs @ Megs7827
Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans
Jen @ Jennster's Blog

Next up is the Going Places Award from Selma @ Crazy Little World of Mine

Steph @ Watching Airplanes
Sara @ That's Sassy
Christy @ Our Dolce Vita
Ashley @ Pink Toes
Jamie @ Pickled in Pink

And last, but not least, the Sunshine Award from Christy @ Delightfully Domestic
Sonja @ For the Love of Stilettos
Kate @ Sometimes Life is Messy
Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine
Shanna @ Shanna's Secrets
Sarah Ann @ Misadventures in Matrimony

Thanks for the awards Kate, Selma, and Christy! :)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Off!!!

Things I am happy for RIGHT now:

-I have the day off!

-Tomorrow our district manager is coming for a visit and because I have the day off I don't have to stress with all of the preparation!

-I'm off to go shopping/run errands

-I'm going to go to the gym today and/or wash the Jetta (detailing that bad boy is a workout in itself!)

-FINALLY filed my taxes, I'm getting a small return in comparison to last year, but I will take it over a bill :)
-I'm going to cook dinner tonight, who knows what, but I like cooking!

-Real World is on tonight - one of my guilty pleasures

-I've been upping my work-out and feeling the pain - but it feels GREAT!

-I finished the book I have been reading since 2008! Yes, I know, slow poke! haha I get distracted easily! But I hopped on the band wagon and started reading Dear John last week!

-Tomorrow is payday!

What are you happy for today?


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend!

This last weekend I had Friday and Sunday off, which was great because it gave Josh and I some time to go adventuring :)

On Friday we headed in to SF for a day of shopping!!
All day I had been eying the new Coach Poppy Shoulder bag in the Sateen Signature... I saw it in Bloomingdale's, I saw it in Nordstroms, and I saw it in the window of the Coach store... needless to say it was haunting me!! We ended up leaving SF without the bag, but Josh knew how much I wanted it so we stopped at the Corte Madera mall on the way home so I could pick it up at the Coach store there! YAY! :)

I am so excited for my new bag, and getting it with my discount makes it even better! haha
I also got the new Spring Mix Keyfob! It is so cute! There are also lady bugs on it, but you can't see them in the picture.
While in SF we went to the A&F and I got TWO new pairs of jeans! For free! Thanks to some gift cards that I had been carrying around, Yay! And what was even better, was they were the first two pairs I tried on! Talk about luck!
Yay for new jeans!
After the city we came home and I went to the gym, then we made some pasta for dinner and caught up on our DVR!

On Saturday I had work and Josh was going to be gone all day for hockey, so when he walked in to Coach with these beautiful flowers I was SO SHOCKED!!! There were so many people in the store and everyone said "AWWWWWW" at the same time! It was really cute/embarrassing haha!
flowers with out flash!
Saturday night after work I went to the gym again and then I watched 500 Days of Summer with Stephanie and Anthony. It was such a good movie! Then Josh got home pretty late from his tournament and we went to bed because we had a lot of fun plans for Sunday!

We started off Valentine's Day by having some yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then headed to the beach for a picnic! :)

At this particular beach they have restrooms near the parking lot, so I was using one and I locked the door and even checked it twice but some guy opened the door on me! Ahh!!!

This is him. hahaha

Our beach blanket with my whale backpack and whale cooler!
Happy Valentine's Day!
We went to Limantour Beach, it is so pretty and usually pretty empty, but naturally there were a lot of couples there for v-day!
Joshy and I!
Ok weird: This man was giving his wife a really gross massage right there in public! They were getting way too physical! It was so nasty! ANNNND their daughter was playing in the sand right next to them! gag!
A random wheelchair...

After the beach we went home and got ready to go out to dinner at Flavor! Our favorite Italian Restaurant :)
We enjoyed an amazing meal! And even found some cows on the way back to the car...
We finished off the night doing some grocery shopping and going home to make milkshakes and watch Undercover Boss - which is my new favorite show - not going to lie.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day too! I know I sure did!! :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend Everyone! :)

Since we have been outrageously slow at night at work we have had to find ways to keep ourselves busy - and I can only dust the shelves so many times! So a few weeks ago myself and two associates decided to make everyone a Valentine's Day Box!

They turned out super cute!! And spice up our otherwise boring stockroom!
I even got some really cute little sticker Valentines and candy to put in them! yay! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Katie :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Decorations!

Yay! It's Time to share my fun V-day decorations!

To be honest, in January I was so sad after taking down all of the X-mas decorations and I hated how empty the house felt, so within 24 hours I had the house re-decorated with Valentine's Day stuff to ease my Post-Christmas Depression haha!

Josh and I went to Kohl's and I found these super cute little plates that were 50% off! Then we went next door to Pier 1 and they had some cute little plate holders for $3.99! They turned out super cute, just the look I was going for! :)
Sweetie Pie!
Sweet heart!
Then on our book shelf under the TV I have some pink little letters that spell out "LOVE" :)
And of course I had to get the Valentine's Day table runner from Pottery Barn Kids! So cute!
Little Hearts!
Annnnd obviously V-day isn't complete without some sweets! In a cute heart shaped candy dish! :)
And last but not least, our little Welcome sign out front!
Did you decorate for Valentine's Day? Or am I the only weird one!? haha!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh the people you will meet...

This is a text heavy post, but I swear it is worth it! hahaha

Working in retail has its ups and downs.

I hate the hours, but I love the discount.
I hate annoying customers, but I love being able to be social all day.

But one of the best parts of working in retail are all of the crazy people you meet.

Flash back to a few weeks ago, 10 minutes before closing time, me and my closing associates are all trying to clean the store up so we can leave sooner than later.

Enter young female around 30, who starts picking up bags and making a huge pile at the cash wrap. I'm thinking lady are you serious? Because honestly, 9.999 times out of 10 when people start picking up a butt load of bags to look at they won't buy any of them in the end.

So I'm getting annoyed that she is making a mess right before closing, when she goes up to Hazel and says "here's my card, just charge them all and don't tell me the total" I'm like whoa what a baller, most people don't come in and pick up 5 or 6 purses and say "I'll take em all!"

In talking to her I find out she just moved to the area, she has a 4 year old son who lives with his dad which is what brought her here. I asked her if she now has a longer commute to work (a normal question if someone has just moved) to which she replies "Oh no, I don't work, I'm just a couch potato... I know you are probably thinking how can I afford these bags if I don't work?... well i was in a really bad accident and I was just awarded 200K"

Me- Wow that is a lot of money! What happened??
Her- Well, it is a really embarrassing story...
(by this time the store is closed and she is the only customer)

Me- Oh ok, well you don't have to tell it if you don't want to, but it is just girls.
Her- ohh what the hell! ...

.... It was Fourth of July 2008 and I was in Tahoe. I was at this huge mansion for a party. While I was there I met the contractor who built the house. We were wasted... *this is so embarrassing, I can't believe I'm telling you this* we were taking a shower together, and it is one of those all glass showers and it has a glass bench, so he is sitting on the bench and I'm on my knees, and the bench breaks!

Cutting the guy's ass off pretty much (he had to get 250 stitches in his butt) and cutting my leg in half through all of the muscle and all the way to the bone. He stands up and is all delirious because we are both losing so much blood and he is yelling "What the fuck do I do, what the fuck do I do??!" So I was like CALL 911 you idiot! I can see my bone!!!!! Apparently the glass bench wasn't the correct safety glass, it was just regular glass, so it couldn't support his weight.

So 15 surgeries later, my leg works but it is all scarred. I had to quit my job because I was in the hospital for so long and once I was better I couldn't sit at a desk for very long because it hurt my leg. And I wasn't going to sue, but I had to move in with my mom and she said she wasn't going to help pay for any of my bills so that's when I decided to sue. So I sued the contractor for installing the wrong glass, and the glass company for sending the wrong glass. But it was so embarrassing because I had to go in front of a judge in court and everyone else and tell them the story. But I was awarded 350K, and after paying off all of my bills I have 200K left which I just received a couple of months ago.

And now I'm just trying to relax a bit before I have to go find a job, and I figured that I deserve a few nice things, so I promised myself when I got the money I would buy myself a new purse!


So lets recap shall we?

A complete stranger comes into the store. Tells myself and two associates how she met a guy at a party, got drunk and gave him a BJ in a shower at a home that wasn't hers, broke her leg completely open, and sued for $350K.

The only good thing, if you can even call it that, was she said she regretted it a lot and it wasn't worth all of the money she got. She also showed us all of her scars and boy oh boy was she TORE up!! So crazy.

But REALLY?? You couldn't just make up a story and say you were in a bad car accident? You had to tell me the true story?? Have some dignity lady!!!

It's days like these were I love my job hahahaha!!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Day Hockey Weekend!!

What a great weekend! I had three days off and it was PACKED full of things! Thursday night after I got off of work Josh and I drove home to my parents for a yummy meal of Chicken Parm, yum! :) Then after dinner we hung out and watched some TV with my dad.

On Friday I got up and went to get Hot Chocolate with my good friend Katie! We went to Panama Bay, which I had never been to before. It was a really nice homey feeling place, and we had a lot of fun catching up!
After my hot chocolate date with Katie I headed to Josh's and from there we ran a few errands and then went home and had lunch. That evening we headed to San Jose because Josh and his sister had two games that night for their semi-pro hockey team. They ended up losing both games but Josh got some goals so that was good!

Then on Saturday we headed to Woodland where Josh and Amber were playing in a college hockey tournament on the SSU team.

Can you tell they are related? haha

Here are a few pictures from the games, but as you can tell...
1) Josh is too fast for my camera and
2) my camera sucks haha

Amber is the goalie for the SSU team and Josh is a forward, but as of lately he has been playing D, he is the one in the center of the picture in the white jersey.
Yay # 8!
They had four games on Saturday so in between the 5pm game and the 9pm game we went to get some dinner, and we decided to go to Sonic!

I must admit, this was my very FIRST TIME EVER going to a Sonic and it was amazing! We don't have one close to where we live, and now I am jealous of all of you who talk about going to Sonic all of the time! Those tots were delish! :)
After dinner and a quick nap in the car we headed in for the last game. Here is Joshy waiting for game time.
Me and the sweaty monster after the game :)
On Sunday we DID NOT watch the Super Bowl. There I said it. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about football, so instead of watching it we headed back to our house from my parent's house and made an IKEA pit stop along the way! (Josh broke one of our plates so we went to go pick up another - but sadly they don't carry them anymore! Lame!)

We were pretty hungry by the time we got to IKEA so we walked over to the outdoor mall next to IKEA to grab a bite to eat! We decided to try this place called Asqew where they are all about skewers!
Josh got the Thai BBQ Skewers and a Cesar Salad
And I got the Texas BBQ Skewers with Mashed Potatoes! :)
And yes, they were as delish as they look!!

After our quick detour to Ikea and lunch we headed back home to do some grocery shopping, which was great because there were ZERO lines at the grocery stores. And as you all know, no line at Costco is an urban legend - but we were able to experience it! haha

Once we got home and unloaded all of our groceries we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go for a bike ride! Then we came home, put on our jammies and relaxed the rest of the night and went to bed early - the perfect end to a busy weekend!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! Now it's back to work! boo!


Friday, February 5, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Yay! It is FRIDAY!!!!! And what is even better is I have FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY off!!!! Wahoooooooooooo!!!

So let's get started! This picture came straight from my iPhone when I was driving home to my parent's for Christmas. After working all day and not having a snack in a while I was feeling like I needed some sugar so I pulled off of the freeway to get a soda.

I ended up in the drive through of Pop-Eyes and as I am pulling in I saw this sign in the window:

I'm not a huge veggie eater to begin with, but I'm sorry, I will NEVER order green beans from a fast food chain, let alone get them served to me in a drive through! Thank you very much.

Ewy, it makes me grossed out just thinking about it!

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you have a great weekend! I will be spending it at Josh's hockey games! (6 to be exact!) He has two tournaments, one for his semi-pro team and another for the college team! It should be a lot of fun, especially because we are at home visiting our families, so not only do I get the weekend off, but I get to watch Josh play hockey AND see my family :) Yay!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gym Freak of the Week

Oh boy here we go, straight out of the freak breading petri dish that is my gym....

Yesterday I was getting ready to get in the pool when I noticed a girl around my age who had just got in the pool as well. This really excited me because at my gym it is mainly old people who use the pool to do water aerobics/look like they are drowning. So whenever there is someone my age I get excited that I will finally have someone to pace off of - and challenge myself to kick their booty even if they don't know that in my mind we are racing. haha

So of course, yesterday, to my surprise there was a young girl in the lane next to mine, and not only was she my age, but she had a cap and goggles on, so I figured it was a no brainer - let's get this work out started.

UNTIL... my swim challenge started doing Bobs.
Up and down the lane, back and forth, bobbing up and bobbing down. I was so confused by what I was witnessing, and I actually had to turn the other way at one point because I thought I was going to laugh at her.

Needless to say, my workout went unchallenged, simply pacing myself off of the clock...

... maybe next time I won't assume that people who look like avid swimmers really came to swim laps. haha


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hasta La Vista Stinky Washer!

So as many of you know last summer I bought a front loading washer and dryer, aka the most amazing things ever!!
The only down side to these beauties is after a little while the washer starts to smell kinda funky! Because it is front loading it is air tight, so after you use it it starts to grow bacteria because it is all sealed up, damp, and in a dark place (according to various websites - kinda nasty, right?).

Enter : Tide Washing Machine Cleaner!!!
This stuff seriously works miracles, I use it once a month and it never fails to refresh the stinky washer.

Do any of you ladies have front loaders that get smelly? Or am I the only one who is so privileged? haha