Monday, March 29, 2010

Skating Weekend!

This weekend I had to work Fri, Sat, and Sun. But on Sunday since we close early, we all got together after work for our monthly outside of work get together!

This Month we decided to go Skating! And to make it even more fun, we decided to dress up!

A few girls couldn't make it, but here are the rest of us!

The rink!
Mariela, Casy, and Caylah!
Josh and I!
Janell brought her daughter Kali, and it was really cute watching her learn to skate!
Trying not to make each other fall!
Josh showing off his sweet sk8 skills haha
We had a lot of fun at skating night and getting all dressed up! We were the only ones there in funny outfits so it made for some good memories and laughs!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!


Friday, March 26, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Courtesy of my recent LOVE for eating, I have dedicated today's iPhone Foto Friday to this fabulous little find:
umm yes, a mini little helping of cookie dough ice cream!! Heaven in a tiny tub :)

the other day on my lunch, a coworker and I were craving some ice cream so we went to the store (and I figured I would have to get a quart or whatever those middle size tubs are) and I saw this! Equivalent to about one scoop it was perfect! and even came with a tiny spoon!

It seriously made haha!

Happy Friday!


p.s. thank you for all of the well wishes! I am feeling a lot better thanks to some OTC drugs and sleep!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Blah, I'm sick

I guess it was only a matter of time until it hit me, and here it is: My first cold of the year. YUCK!

Josh has been feeling crappy for a few days now and it inevitably transferred over to me. On Saturday I had the day off and of course it was overcast and dreary. Because I can't just sit and do nothing, especially when i have a day off, we decided to go for a bike ride. It was fun, but probably not the best choice considering we were both feeling iffy. When we got home we took a 2 hour nap, and the sickness proceeded to take over lol.

Sunday I woke up feeling like death, went to work and it only got worse. Today I called out sick for the first time EVER! I hate calling out, and I feel really guilty, but at the same time, I know I wouldn't have made it at work.

And of course, the day I am home sick it is BEAUTIFUL outside. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I can hardly get the energy to go downstairs and get a glass of water! Annoying.

Thanks Mother Nature, I love you too.

So my plans for today are to:
1. rest
2. watch as much Teen Mom as I can
3. take a long nap

Hope you all are feeling better on your side of the blog world!


Friday, March 19, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Today's iPhone Foto is one that I strategically snapped while at Josh's hockey tournament. At this particular rink it is verrry cold, so most of the spectators bring blankets and hot chocolate to stay warm while they watch the games, but this lady took the act of bringing a blanket to a WHOLE new level.

Yes my friends, she hand made a Blanket Skirt! Which was rather flowy might I add.

Why bother having to lug a blanket around or fold it up when you need to leave your seat? With the blanket skirt you can look like a complete idiot at your son's college hockey tournament!! hahaha

It was the funniest thing ever!

I promised Josh I would never wear one of these to any of his games. Haha! Happy Friday! :)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lesson Learned

Yesterday I had to run a few errands, the last one being the grocery store, around lunch time, when I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

My list (roughly $15-20worth of things):

What did I leave with??

$70.00 worth of stuff, mainly junk food!
Unnecessary Items include but are not limited to:
-mini powdered donuts
-string cheese
-2 bags of potato chips
-nilla wafers
-teddy grahams

I don't even know what got into me! I didn't audit my cart before the checkout, I just cruised right on up with a cart full of yummy but expensive crap! Never again will I go to the store on an empty stomach around lunch time, especially when I am trying to SAVE money. UGH! Stupid me.

Now I will be poor and fat! haha


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

enjoying the extra hours of sunshine!

Yesterday I got off of work a half hour early, and boy did it make a difference! :)

I came home, went to the gym, showered up, started dinner and then because it was still SO NICE out I headed to campus to surprise Josh! :)

Then we walked home together and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather! Finished up making Tacos for dinner and then decided to use the free Frozen Yogurt Card I had at Golden Spoon!

Yum! Vanilla!
Afterwards we headed to Target to get some TP and walk around. We found a funny little kid outfit! haha
The rest of the night we spent watching some TV in our jammies and just relaxed. It was so nice to have the extra hour of sunshine and to get off of work early! I felt like we had so much more time to spend together and it was great!

Today I have the day off and a huge list of things to do, but anything is better than being inside on a day like today!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tootles Ginger Bread House!

Back around Christmas time Josh and I decorated a ginger bread house. It was ugly, but as per our tradition, we make them and then we ruin them after the holidays are over. So we have been meaning to destroy it for quite some time now, but with work and everything else it just hasn't happened.

But alas, we finally found time to demolish the ugly little cookie house the other day (which has been sitting in our kitchen waiting to be killed for FAR TOO LONG).

Here it is in the street waiting to be dominated!
Bye Bye Ginger Bread House!
And drum roll please!!!!!

And just like that, the ginger bread house was shattered in pieces courtesy of Josh and his beach cruiser! :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't be too jealous....

... because I hit the JACKPOT!!!!

The wonderful Jules over at Chic and Pink recently had a General Mills giveaway and I won the grand prize!!! So needless to say, when I came home from running errands last week to find a huge box on my porch I was so excited and tore right into it!!

What was inside you might ask? EVERYTHING! haha :)

The grand prize included an Atari Flashback game system, 5 boxes of my favorite cereals with retro boxes (LOVE me some Lucky Charms!!), a fun Cheerios shirt, AND a Target gift card! Can you say LUCKY!??

Can't wait to go to Target! :)
Trix are for kids!
Check out how old school that is!
This one too! haha
Just had a bowl of these...
mmmmm :)
And can I just say HOW COOL IS THIS!??!
I can't freaking wait until my day off so we can set this bad boy up! I've already challenged Josh, Stephanie, and Anthony to a game of Pong! haha!

Thank you so much Jules and General Mills!!! This was such a great giveaway and I am so thankful!! :)


Friday, March 12, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Alright people, the customers who come into my store have reached a whole new level...

...are we REALLY putting a 3 year old in heels???
Granted they aren't stilettos but jeeze lousie!! This little girl was having trouble walking! I couldn't believe it!

I can understand a heel that size maybe when your daughter is 10 or 12 to wear with her Christmas Dress or something, but for every day out and about? A Sweater and skinny jeans, paired with a pair of heeled boots??!!

I know I am a bit of a square, but I don't think that I"m out of hand thinking this is a bit ridiculous...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dad's Birthday Weekend Adventures!

This last weekend I had FRI, SAT, ANNNND SUN off! Yay! So I got to go home and spend some time with my family and friends from home!! :)

The first night I was back I went to a yummy dinner at P.F. Changs with some lovely friends and then we hung out and chit chatted. I love how we pick right back up where we left off, like we saw each other yesterday even if it has been a while!

Saturday morning when we got up we sat around the kitchen table trying to decide what to do, and Dad decided he wanted to go to the San Jose Flea Market. It was his birthday weekend so we couldn't really argue, although I may or may not have pushed for other activities.
There was a sign at the flea market to get massages... or cupping?? GROSS.
We ate a lot of food while we were there! First up: Mexican Food for lunch!
Dad had a birthday Milkshake
We also had Dip n' Dots! (not pictured, but also consumed: a corn dog, fortune cookies, and I'm sure there is more that I can't remember.)
Nice Bike! Take it off any sweet jumps?
Then we came home and my mom made an AMAZING home cooked meal, then we feasted on this delish ice cream cake/pie that she made for my Dad's Birthday!
Then after dinner we gave my dad his gifts and headed to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-d! It was interesting, but I wouldn't bring kids to it.

Then on Sunday we got up BRIGHT and EARLY because we were going Indoor Skydiving!! My Dad had a box of donuts waiting on the kitchen table when we got up, so that made the Bright and Early part a bit easier :)

We went to a place called iFLY!

The boys checking it out. We were all kinda leery at first!
Me, Josh, Clay, and my Dad: Ready for action!
Acting like they aren't scared for what is to come...
Buckle up!
Here are a few of the professional pictures that they took of us:


It ended up not being scary at all, but more of a rush, and it was also nice knowing you weren't going to splat onto the ground haha. Basically you just fall into this crazy wind tunnel that is blowing winds of 100+MPH and the instructor is spinning you and stuff, and he took us up to the top on our second flight! So fun!

Here is a video that Josh put together from the DVD they gave us with our Family Package. Don't mind Josh looking like he is going to cry/flaring his nostrils. You can just fast forward to me! haha

After the flying was done I had SO many knots in my hair!!
Windblown haha!
After we were finished indoor skydiving we headed over to Ardenwood Farms to walk around...
There was a pretty old house, that had the country's first in the ground pool in it's backyard!
Farm Farm Farm
There were baby sheep!
And mean peacocks that were showing their feathers and making scary noises!
Joshy and I!
After the farm we headed out to get some pizza for lunch and then Josh and I made the trip back home. It was such a great weekend and I had so much fun with my family and friends :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!!!

Today is my Dad's 50th Birthday!!

Although I'm not able to go home today, Josh and I went home over the weekend and we all had a lot of fun!! :) Here are some random pictures from the last year or so, and I will recap this weekend tomorrow!

Dad at the fair with a massive corn dog! haha
At Northstar riding the gondola!
At Clay's Trap meet!
And freezing our butts off in SF!
Happy Birthday to the Best Dad Ever!!

Love, Katie