Wednesday, April 22, 2009

quick post

so far this day has been crazy and it's not even lunch time!

1. yesterday I updated the software on my blackberry and it died. AT&T has officially deemed my phone un-fixable. GREAT. So I can either get a replacement phone for $40 that does nothing but make calls or I can upgrade to a new phone at the new contract price. Decisions decisions. I really want an iphone but I was trying to hold out until the summer when they come out with the new version... buttt if I get the iPhone now I can just buy the upgrade later, so it's not that big of a deal.

My stupid blackberry, frozen like this for the last 24 hours, SWEET!

2. I was on facebook checking the news feed and one of my friends status said she was going to Britney tonight in oakland. Now I am a pretty big Britney fan, and I wanted to go to one of her concerts when she was in the bay area (San Jose and Sacramento) but the tickets were really expensive. So just out of curiosity I checked on Stubhub to see how much tickets were, and I found some for $70/each and they are in the upper level in the 9th row. Not too bad... SO I BOUGHT THEM! YAY! I'm going to BRITNEY! I'm so excited!!! Plus this venue isn't huge, so being on the upper level won't be as bad as it is at most places. (Lucky Joshy is going with me, muahaha)

So now I need to figure out my phone situation, because as of right now I am unreachable. And being unreachable while you are trying to get a job is not a good combination. Plus I feel so disconnected from the world!

Happy Earth Day! Turn off your lights if you aren't using them!


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Mare said...

Yay for're going to have so much fun. Josh gets lots of points for going with you unless of course he's a fan too.

Have fun tonight.