Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Someone posted a link on Facebook yesterday to a funny/stupid site called ManBabies, and I knew instantly that I had to share it with all of you.
You should check it out! It nothing else, it is worth a laugh that someone actually sat there and swapped the faces to begin with! Hahaha


Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun Weekend! :)

What a nice weekend!

On Friday after work Josh and I saw Toy Story 3 with my friends Lauren, Hazel, and Hazel's Man. It was a lot of fun and the movie was super cute and funny. I've never been a huge Toy Story fan but I really liked this one!

This week my really good friend Steph moved out :( Her and her boyfriend Anthony got their first apartment together, I'm super happy for her, but it was fun living together! So now Joshy and I have the house to ourselves which is also nice :)
On Saturday I worked and then headed to the gym. Joshy and I watched some things on our DVR and had tortellini for dinner!

Then on Sunday I had the day off! Yay!! So Josh and I ran a bunch of errands and restocked our fridge which was dangerously low. We also stopped by Ann Taylor LOFT which was having 40% off of Sale items, so I got this super cute dress!!

It has really cute little flowers and a bow along the neckline! I just love it!
We then hit up Sports Authority so I could get a new pair of goggles, because bleaching my old pair didn't seem to work long term and they have been leaking. Then we went to Big 5 and I finally got a new suit - my old one is falling apart and is the definition of a drag suit. It was only $19 and it is from a line by Dolphin called "Uglies" haha I figure for $19, it could have been a lot worse - I actually think it is pretty cute.
After our errands I went and swam some laps at the gym and then decided to attempt Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti after hearing Hannah's success with it!
Ready for the oven!
Josh helped by watching TV
yummm :)
After dinner we headed to In N Out for some milkshakes with my coworkers and then to Mini-Golf!

Mariela wearing her purse as a backpack
Mini-Golf Land!
Hazel trying to get it in the barn's trap door!
the windmill gave me a run for my money!
Yasmin, Me, Mariela, Hazel, and Hanako! I swear they are all super short, I am not really a giant! haha
Joshy and I in front of the crooked house! I was worried about hopping the fence to take the picture but Mariela assured me that "it isn't illegal if you don't get caught!" haha
Our Scores:
Josh - 44
Hanako - 47
Me - 50
Mariela -53
Yasmin and Hazel - 57

Third place ain't too shabby if you ask me :)


Friday, June 25, 2010

Mid-Week Weekend Recap!

This week I had a Mid-Week Weekend! I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, so Josh and I headed home to celebrate Father's Day since we couldn't make it home on Sunday. So my family and Josh all went to the Alameda County Fair!

*iPhone Foto Friday will be back next week!*

Warning: Lots of Pictures of us eating LOTS of food hahaha

Kevin starting the day off right with a Monster Corn Dog!

Baby Chicks and Ducks!!
up close, aww
The day was made even funnier by having not ONE but TWO gimps. My Mom Broke her foot on Cinco de Mayo, and Josh injured his foot on Tuesday night at hockey so he had to crutch around the fair, poor guy
We saw Goats get baths!
Big Cows!
baby goats!
hi there little one!
gypsy wagon!
After the corn dog Dad went for BBQ sandwich!
This little booth was calling my name!
Kevin and Clay joined the ice cream band wagon too, I mean who could resist?
We saw a lady with a cotton candy hat!
I took this one for my friend Katie! Sock Monkeys! haha
we saw the judges taste testing cakes and pies. The male judge gagged on the one he was eating when we walked by hahaha
Josh and Kevin
they had little displays of things people collect. This person collects Target Gift Cards. I love Target, but really??
Dad eating some calamari (ewww)
Next up: ICEES!!!!
Dippin Dots? Why Not!?
Kevin let the gypsy try to sell him things
The rides!
I of course had to ride my favorite ride: THE SWINGS!!
Josh and Kevin after a long day of fair going.
Our Quote of the day: "We came, We Saw, We Corn dogged"
After the fair we dropped Josh off at his house so he could rest.
Then Kevin, Clay, and I went to Wal-Mart to buy stuff for Kevin's Dorm when he goes away to college next month. Then we had dinner (not like we were that hungry after the fair haha) And then Dad opened his Father's Day gifts!

Clay's gag gift of the Shake Weight was by far the funniest gift!
Kevin giving it a try. Surprisingly enough, it was actually a pretty tough workout! haha
After dinner and gifts I picked Josh up from his parent's house and we headed home.
It was great having two days off together, even if it was a Mid-Week Weekend, it was still great!! The fair food was so delish, and I'm proud to say that I had enough of it in one day to last me until next year! haha :)

Happy Friday Everyone!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh the things you'll do...

Yesterday I FINALLY went to the doctor to get some sinus/allergy relief!! I have been so miserable and taking OTC meds hasn't been cutting it for me.

So among a prescription drug and nasal spray, the doctor also gave me this little box:

For those of you who have never seen one of these, let me introduce you to a nasal rinse. Which you fill up with water, hold tight to your nostril and then shoot the salt water up your nose.

It looks much like this.

Let me assure you there is nothing normal about this process. It felt like I did a somersault underwater and had a bunch of water going up my nose in the wrong ways, but the worst part was watching it come out of the other nostril and out of my mouth! Gross!

But alas, it worked very well and my sinuses were all clear! (for a little while at least)

Have you ever had to use this gypsy contraption before??


Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Over the weekend I had Saturday off, and my allergies have been KILLING me, so Josh and I headed over to the Bay Street mall which is right on the water! [where my allergies and my nose got a nice break! :)]
We had lunch at the Buckhorn Grill which was delish!
We walked through the outdoor mall!
We went in Ann Taylor LOFT and they were having a 40% off of Sale Items Sale, so I got this cute little skirt for $19 with tax! :)
We also saw Kung Fu Dance Performers
And no trip to the Bay Street Mall would be complete without a stroll through the ever amazing IKEA!!!
Then we headed home, I got a nice workout in at the gym, we had Pizza for dinner and caught up on the DVR! :)

Sunday I had to work, so I wasn't able to go home for Father's Day, but we are going to celebrate later this week, so I'm excited for that! And as a side note: for those of you in "the know" my special "friend" from work still hasn't come in to visit me!

Happy Monday!! ANNNND my 300th post is coming up so be ready because I have a sweet surprise for you!!