Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Life Right Now

Right now I am at home of course, thanks to that lovely thing called being unemployed -LAME.

I didn't sleep very well last night, and actually woke up DRENCHED in sweat in the middle of the night, GROSS I know. It was so bad I had to change my jammies and put a towel down over where I was sleeping. I did some research and a few causes could be a) being preggo b) from taking viagra c) totally random causes
. I'm happy to annouce it is not option A or B, but if it is C then I'm a bit worried. This has happened about 4 or 5 times so far this year and it just keeps getting worse (and so far it hasn't happened during that time but a week or so before, if you get my drift). Any Insight?

So back to me right now in this moment, I'm currently sporting a pair of my pink ducky feety pjs, have a cup of kool-aid by my side, and a huge pile of tissues (because Mother nature has also decided to bless me with the worst allergies ever = allergic to all grasses and all pine trees, sweet I live in Northern California where these are inescapable.)

I thought about posting a picture of me in my feety pjs for about a millia second and then I realized that would be a terrible idea, so enjoy this overly happy girl instead.

Today my job search started off by being rejected from my #1 job choice - biggest feeling of defeat, I really really wanted that job. So the search continues.

I'm also keeping it exciting today by having hot/cold flashes. To be honest, I think being at home is slowly killing my soul haha. I CAN'T do it, I'm too independent to be at home all day!!! Stay at home Moms, I salute you!



Lil' Woman said...

Good luck with the jon hunt...and I jope you can figure out whats wrong! :)

Lil' Woman said...

*job i mean

Mare said...

I thought maybe you're waking up drenched in sweat because of stress but according to yahoo answers it could be one of these things:

1. The room really IS too warm.

2. Your boyfriend is radiating heat. Men can do that.

3. It's menopause!

4. Is there a kitty or dog in the bed, too? Animals make you feel warmer (like it or not).

You can definitely cross out number three. These seem pretty harmless. I hope it's one of these.

You'll find a great job soon!


Life with Lindsey said...

I love your pj's...we should have a pj party. They guys can cook or something and we can play sleep over haha. kidding but something fun like that.

jlc said...

Omg are you serious?!?! Andddd I'm in love even more. :)

Lots of luck on the job! And hope your allergies feel better soon!! I'm getting my butt kicked by them over here so I DEF know what you're going through. :(