Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Work Field Trip...

Yesterday after work our office had a field trip. We went to the Classic Party Rentals Open House in Burlingame. Now let me preface this with, I did NOT want to go. I mean, spending 5 extracurricular hours with my fellow office mates is not my idea of a good time, with the exception of Lindsey. Either way, I was guilted into going, and had an alright time. (not worth missing my Tuesday Run with Stephanie or Cooking Dinner with Joshy though.)

So we had to ride in the dirty/stuffy van for two hours. T
hen when we got there we got to look at all of the beautiful displays of different table linens, china, and stemware, along with draping and chandeliers. There were about 5 appetizer stations that had fancy food that I didn't exactly induldge in, but right before the exit, they had an ice cream/brownie bar = HEAVEN. They were freshly churning up ice cream right there on the spot, by using nitrogen which instantly freezes the cream, it was pretty neat, as well as delicious!

Lindsey and I also went in the photobooth that they had set up! It was really fun! We went in and started taking our pictures and then when we came out it had the whole th
ing on an instant replay tv-screen, and little did we know, while we were inside the booth everyone outside could see what we were doing on the screen, embarrassing!

[side note: I really want to have a photobooth at my wedding when i get married and instead of a standard guest book with pictures of the bride and groom, the guests will go in the photobooth and take their own pictures and then paste them in the guest book with their message. I've seen other brides do this and it turns out really cute!]

After mingling, and Ohhing and Ahhing, we finally left! It was 7:30 and everyone was still hungry after only having a few small appetizers, so we headed to In N Out, DELISH!

Then we were FINALLY on our way home, in the car we played 2 Truths and a Lie, I def. had the best one, with my crazy stories of broken limbs, and Lindsey came in close second with her Love of Cheeses haha. After we were back to the office I continued my travels with my hour commute home. A quick shower and it was off to bed for me!


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Life with Lindsey said...

Can i just say we are sexy ma'ams....or nerds...depends on who is looking haha.