Monday, March 16, 2009

An Amazing Weekend with a Splash of the Manic Mondays

I am happy to report that this weekend was Amazing! I had so much fun, and did a lot of great things, with a lot of great people! So lets recap:

Thursday night Josh and I had dinner at Allie's house after my run with Steph. It was DEEELISH! After dinner/watching a bit of the Sharks game we came home and got ready to go to Josh's hockey game in Alameda at 9:30 pm (talk about late night!) I'm not even sure if he won or not because I was busy talking to his mom and the other hockey girlfriends haha. What can I say, I've been to SOOO many of his games they all start to blend together after a while. We got home around 12:30 and went to bed.

Friday I didn't have work, so I got up early to go to San Francisco shopping with Allie! After a trip to the bank and the gas station we were on out way! We dropped off the Jetta at the Valet in the parking garage and were on our way. First Stop: Old Navy. Now I usually don't shop at Old Navy but I had a great coupon for 30% off and I figured what the heck. Let me tell you, I got 3 sun dresses, 5 sweaters, 1 pair of strappy sandals, 1 headband, and a pair of shorts for Josh all for $180. That's Insane!! The sundresses were $15 each, plus I had 30% off, that's cheaper than Forever 21 or Target, who knew!?

After Old Navy we headed in to the Westfield Shopping Center, as you have heard me blog about before as my all time favorite mall of the centruy. Anyways, our first stop was American Eagle, where I got a really cute pair of gold strappy sandals, and I signed up for their new discount program through their Aerie Line, and I got to pick out a pair of panties for free! Yay!

We then had lunch, and continued on to Vera Bradley. Where I became the proud owner of the Wilma Bag in the Vintage Rose Collection, along with a super cute lunch box, and headband, and because I spent so much they threw in a bow cosmetic bag for free! Yay again!

After that we headed home, with stops at Michaels to get Allie some Craft Supplies, Costco to buy a FastTrack, and Sports Authority to try to find me a new swim suit for swimming laps. (which I later found one on clearance from $72 down to $39, woo hoo!)

After getting home Allie and I had planned on having a girls night but we were way too beat from our busy/VERY successful day of shopping. So I stayed in with Joshy and we watched some John and Kate plus 8 and reruns of COPS.

Saturday was Josh's sister's birthday. She also goes to SSU and lives close by so we picked her up and met their parents at the Elephant Bar for a late lunch. After that we went to Alameda because Amber had two hockey games, and then we got back home around 9pm.

Amber and her Ice Cream!

Sunday was my catch up day, filled with all things unfun, yet very necessary. Overall it was a great weekend and I am so sad to be back at work and not outside or in a mall, haha!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


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