Monday, March 9, 2009

Josh's Turn

We decided it was my turn to write about our weekend.
Friday we woke up packed our stuff, loaded it and jumped my car, which had been dead for about a week. Then we were off to Frank Raines, with a stop in Livermore to buy a TCBY gift card for Katie's Dad's birthday. I have been getting him TCBY gift cards for the last 2 or 3 years for his birthday and xmas. On the way to Livermore we played our slightly altered game of Slug Bug, which probably isn't to safe for the driver to play. Katie won of course. When we got to TCBY the asia man was excited, like always, to see us. I bought the gift card and we were on our way again. When we got off highway 5 there was 16 miles of windy roads, with lots of fluffy cows that were walking next to the road, before we arrived at Frank Raines.
When we arrived Katie's brother(Clay) and Dad(Rich) were just backing the motorhome into the space. We parked and helped unload the trailer of firewood and ATVs. The unpacking was done and it was time to go on an adventure. Katie, Clay and I took the ATVs out on the trail to see what was there. Katie showed us how to drive through a puddle without getting dirty, clay lead us through the trails, and I showed them how to stall an automatic ATV from driving through a
puddle too fast. We found a puddle/lake that looked really deep and were all decided we didn't want to try and go through it. After we got back to camp Rich was ready to explore, so Katie decided to stay behind while we used the ATVs. This time Rich lead the way and we headed up to the highest point of the mountain. On the way Rich found the same puddle/lake and showed us how it was done, even though he almost had to get off the ATV and pull it out. After he was out we continued up the mountain and this run was much faster than with Katie, I decided I probably should have worn the goggles. After we got back we ate sat around the fire while we waited for everyone else to arrive. We messed with our cameras and took a few pictures of stuff with long exposures.

We found some peacocks wandering around that we tried to surround, but turns out birds can fly. In camp there was a big puddle that needed to be drained, so Clay and I made a river to drain it. After getting through a few roots and some doubt by katie we succecfully drained the puddle.

Shortly after Stan and his family arrived we all went to bed. That night it was probably 32
outside and maybe 40 inside the motorhome. Katie froze, I probably did too, but slept through
it. Sometime in the night Katie's Mom arrived.

In the morning the CO2 alarm went off, I think rich made it go off on purpose to wake everyone
up. He says it was just a short though. We ate breakfast and hung out around the campfire most
of the morning. We gave Rich his gifts and left after lunch to head back to Livermore to see my
Mom. On the way out we saw some more cows.

My mom just got wii fit and wanted to see how I did at it. At first I was a pretty bad at it,
but after i got used to it I was able to beat one of my Dads records. My mom told me I should
take him off the list, so I continued to shatter his records. After that Katie and I headed
back to RP and made some Tomatoe Soup for dinner, watched some cops and went to bed.

Sunday we woke up, went to the mall, did some grocery shopping and came back all in record
time. Then cleaned up and got ready for the week.

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Life with Lindsey said...

So all these shenanigans happened in like a day??? Craziness fo'sho'