Tuesday, March 10, 2009

helpin' a brotha' out!

My brother needs shoes like a fish needs water: REALLY BAD. But because he is a lazy boy, and hates shopping, he has continued to wear his worn out shoes with holes in them. My poor mom is too busy to go get him some new shoes, not to mention he is 17 and should be able to take care of this himself... but alas, he hasn't.

Anyways, after going camping this weekend with my family, and being reminded just how bad his shoes really are, I couldn't take it any more! I cracked! So when Josh and I got back from camping we went to the mall to get Clay a new pair of shoes. Keep in mind he is a skate boarder, of course, so he wears through his shoes super fast, so I thought okay, I'll get him two pairs and he should be good to go.

We get to Zumiez and go to the back of the store where all of the discounted, yet still expensive, shoes are living. I found a sweet pair of black skate shoes in his size for $60 and decided to opt for a $50 gift card so he could pick out the second pair himself, not to mention there weren't any other good looking sale shoes at my Zumiez, so I thought he could try the one at home.

Josh shipped the pair of shoes to him and he got them today. He was really excited and so appreciative, which makes me happy. I'm glad I could help him out/make his day with something so simple. So that's my story, a good deed that was well worth the money :)

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