Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love Candy

I have a huge sweet tooth, so big, that I crave candy or some sort of sweet at least twice a day. So I thought it would be appropriate to share with you all of my favorite candies....

Yum! Can't go wrong with Sour Gummi Worms!!

A Childhood Favorite, Shock Tarts always left
my tongue in pain after eating a whole roll.
Ahhh, the nerd rope. A Mix of gummi and crunchy goodness.

Air Heads. Always a reminder of watching my brother's t-ball games.
(It was all I could afford at the snack shack, but sooo worth it!)

Currently in my mouth, lovely bubblicious gum.
Pro- PACKED with Flavor for the first 15 seconds
Con- NO flavor after the first 15 seconds haha

Last, but certainly not least, Sour Patch Watermelon Slices.
Probably my current favorite. Facebook has been kind enough to torture me with advertisements for this delish treat on the sidebar of my browser everyday for the last week, making me crave them even more!

So those are my top candy picks, what are yours?
Please note: Chocolcate doesn't rate compared to sour in my book haha



Life with Lindsey said...

I like the watermelons too!

Shalay said...

You have the same taste in candy as my husband! He loves all that gummy, sour stuff. I'm all about chocolate.

Love your blog! And I'm SO jealous that you live in Napa Valley. It's gorgeous up there!

jlc said...

Hahhah omg we could NOT go to the movies together!!!

I have to mix with popcorn with either A gummy bears or B sour patch kids.

I try to mix it up every other film to not get bored. ;) hahah!

jen + ryan said...

my mouth literally just started watering...

do you remember fun dip? wonderful!

Mare said...

So you're not a chocolate girl...hmmmmm.