Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

So I have an hour and 10 minutes before I am done for the day and the week (hour cuts at work = 4 day work week for Katie) and I have to price out the three schematics I just drew up for the trapezoidal nightmare of a patio lounge, and put together/send the client an estimate. Which shouldn't take me too long, but as you can tell I am procrastinating big time!

Today I logged on to my online banking site to find that I was overdrawn by $300, which instantly sends me into panic/shock mode. I look at all of the transactions and see that the exact amount of my pay check, which I had deposited last week, was taken out of my account, thus sending me into the negatives, GREAT. Add on a $30 overdraft fee and we are in business. I then had to make have an awkward confrontation with my boss to bring up the issue in order to get some funds back into my account. She assured me she would cut me a new check to cover both my original check and the fees... I have yet to receive it and the clock is ticking, all the while my account is all dried up, which makes me nervous.

I hate the idea of knowing if I went to buy gas or a Starbucks right now my card would get denied, and it isn't even my fault. So then I'm thinking... so when was my boss planning on telling me that the check bounced? What if I had not checked my bank statement? Would I leave for the weekend and get home to find I have no money? Frustrating.

Where is the wad of Geico cash when I need it! haha


Life with Lindsey said...

I want josh to post something just for fun...I guess I am biased because I work with you and understand your daily struggles, but I know little about your man...I need to see his personality shown in this with me here please? haha I kid I like your stuff too but this needs to be a group effort.

Katie said...

hahaha I will work on getting Josh up in the Mix!