Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today on campus they were having a Tye Dye Super Nooner! (Nooner's are events that happen at noon in the quad) I must toot my own horn and admit that I was the one who first started the super nooners, complete with activities, live music, jumpy houses, and free pizza. What could be better?

Anyways, I rode my bike to campus today to help out, because putting on tye dye for a whole campus is a big job! In my day (spoken in granny voice) we would do the traditional method of dipping the shirts into large buckets of dye, which I think works well, especially for a mass amount of people. But the new rascals like to do it the new and imporved way of using squeeze bottles, which results in richer color and more precision with the dye. BUT along with it comes a huge mess, and having to refil the bottles every 10 minutes when they run out. So I think it is safe to say that my way is better, but it's not my event anymore, so I just sit back and laugh, mean I know.

Lots of People wrapping up their shirts to be tye dyed!
Funky Band that was playing.
I was wearing gloves because I had to mix all of the dyes and everything, and I figured it would be a better idea than going without. Well my friends, these little bone fingers weren't exactly protected because the gloves were so big. So between my lack of aim, other peoples lack of aim, and the poor quality of gloves, my hands looked like I didn't wear any gloves at all. Which normally wouldn't be an issue, but about half way through tye dying I realized "Oh S&$t, I have a sales training conference on Friday" and I now look like a rainbow smurf.
Please note this is after washing my hands and scrubbing them at least 5 times. Greeeaaaat.
Any ideas on how to get my hands clean?


Now it's time for a nap. Being outside made my allergies insane so I took a benedryl which has sedated both my allergies as well as myself. Night Night :)



Life with Lindsey said...

I like your hands that way, you should leave them! It brings out the kid in you!

Mare said...

You should be fine by Friday. Just keep washing and maybe using a loofah.

Sounds like a fun event!