Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hair Cut and Birthday Shout Out!

So I did it! I got a hair cut :) I was SO close to going to Great Clips, but I read the reviews online for the local one and let me tell you, it wasn't something I was ready to risk. Plus I was able to find a great salon that had 20% of your first visit, and I was able to get my eyebrows waxed too, so it worked out perfect!

Before with Super Long Hair
Ughhh see what I mean!! So dead at the end! And boring!
New! Shorter and feels so much lighter!
Good Bye Lion's Mane!
Yay to my new haircut!


Happy 23rd Birthday Katie! Enjoy these ridiculously old/silly pictures of us (and Josh-wa) haha.

Ohhhh Joshy and the bug net...

Myself, Katie's sister Becca, and Katie
Sweet Van!
At the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz
Lovely haha
Boating at Lake Camanche
Yes, Katie is attempting to braid Josh's Armpit hair. This is what camping for an extended period of time in the heat will do to you (or at least Katie haha)
Day Trip to SF!
The Day before I left for SSU, my cousin did our hair
Senior Ball
Boating :)
GHS Graduation
BAHAHA... inside joke.
Here are some wonderful fun facts about Katie and Myself....
-We were born one day apart
-Our Mom's have the same middle name
-Our Grandpa's have the same first name
-Our Mom's have the same China
-We both have VERY similar names, obviously both named Katie, and our last names are almost identical
-We both have a birthmark on the back of our knee that is shaped like a continent

Happy Birthday Katie! Thank you for so many great years of friendship and hilarious memories!!



Debbie said...

Thank you, Pooh for making me laugh out loud! A lot of those pictures brought back some pretty good memories! You and the Beez were destined to be good friends and the similarities between fams is crazy. But without Joshie it would not be complete. And no one but us understands the PeeWee pic, its one of my favs, its funny you would post it, I was just talking about it the other day to Missy. Love you bunches, my Baby!! I hope this birthday is a wonderful one!!!!!Oh and the hair cut is way cute, too!!!

Josh said...
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Josh said...

haha I still have the bug net somewhere. Too bad we never caught any bugs with it.

Mare said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!!

Since yours and Katie's birthdays are a day apart that means your birthday is tomorrow right? Happy Birthday! Hope you have a really fun day! =)

Life with Lindsey said...

I love your hair and your old ask photos...I especially enjoyed Pee Wee

Casey said...

What a cute haircut! I'm glad you didn't go to great clips. Even though hair grows back, it's something you have to look at every day. Good choice!

KatieKelly said...

Thank you! I love the haircut, I think our hair is about the same length right now too!
I love Pee Wee and I would braid josh's armpit hair again in a heart beat! I've been wanting to go boating really bad though, maybe in August we could go?

jen + ryan said...

LOVE the hair!!!!

Lil' Woman said...

Great pics...love the new cut!! : )