Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Baby...

6 years ago on Mother's Day, my parents dawned upon me my love, my everything... my Jetta.

Yes you read that right, on Mother's Day my Mom spent the day at a car dealership getting me a new car!! But of course there was some story behind it! I already had a Blue Jetta, it was super cute, but unfortunately, an Old Man, with no fingers (I call him Mr. Nubs) rear ended the poor blue Jetta while we were on our way to the dentist.

Needless to say, the first Jetta had some pretty legit damage and my Mom did NOT want her baby driving a car that had been close to totaled. So the blue Jetta got all fixed back up, but had frame damage, so it never would really been 100% again.

I had been talking to my Mom about it and I don't even know how, but on Saturday night we decided that on Sunday (Mother's Day) we would go looking at a new Jetta. (Of course my best friend and I had already gone to the dealership to scope out the one I wanted, we even tested out the stereo system, nerdy I know, give me a break we were 17!)

Mother's Day morning arrives, and I'm already excited, then I get up and go to the living room and look out the front window and see a WINTER WONDERLAND in May. Josh and his good friend Mike thought it would be a good idea to T.P. my house! So not only did my mom buy me a car on Mother's Day, she helped cleaned up the T.P. that the boy who liked me made sure to put EVERYWHERE. Of Course, this started a T.P. war, and the 'girls team' def. won, complete with Josh's bedroom. His mom was nice enough to let us in the house to do this, resulting in stuffing confetti in every article of clothing in Josh's closet. It was glorious.

But back to the main two points.

1. I have the BEST Mom ever. Happy Mother's Day! She is the most caring, hard working, loving person I have ever met, and she is an amazing cook! Plus she made sure that I got my DREAM car after Mr. Nubs assassinated the Blue Jetta.

2. Happy Birthday Jetta! It's been a great 6 years and you are still going as strong as ever! I look forward to another few years, hopefully not 6, because let's get real, your Momma is going to need to upgrade eventually!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and tells their Mom how Wonderful she is :)



Lil' Woman said...

Lucky you! I wish I got a new car for Mother's day...well any day actually! :)

Mare said...

You have a great mom! I loved your sidetracked story too. =)

Josh said...

You definitely need to put up a picture of your house. We totally dominated you.

jlc said...

Now that's an AWESOME mom!!

Congrats congrats and yayyyy Jettas!! My hubby has a blue one and I have a black. We're sorta a VW family.

Haha! Lots of luck with it!! :D

Debbie said...

I love you, too, Katie!!! And there is nothing I would not do for you and your brother, you two are the best things I have ever done. I could not be more proud!!!! Thank you for the wonderful Mother's Day weekend, it was too much fun. I think we need to do Bocce Ball more often! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Gramma Jetta

Debbie said...

I just really looked at the Jetta pic and man things have changed around here haven't they? I had to enlarge it so I could see just where you took that. Wowohwowwow. Big improvement.

Belle- Pink Cupcake said...

ha! My parents couldnt have given a rats ass about what I drove! I have only had my license for a year or so (I got it a late, I had no time!) and my parents threw me the keys to a 1992 volvo 240 station wagon. No airbags, no AC, no shocks, No back seat, and a crack in the windshield. I still drive the same thing and I hate it more than anything, haha. I totally want a jetta and my neighbor had a red GTI with leather and the works and they wanted to sell it to me for a thousand dollars. IT WAS A 2005! They just wanted it off their yard (their daughter was at NYU and wasnt going to need it again) and wanted me to have it and I declined. My dad talked me out of it (he's not a VW lover.. at all. My mom and sister are though). I regret it everyday. Yours is super cute, though. I'm definitely jealous!

Little Miss Baker said...

Oh my gosh! You and I are so the same! I have a black Jetta and my 23rd birthday is May 19th :) And I'm (obviously) a blogger too! Love the site and reading all your posts! Stop by my way sometime if you'd like!! xo