Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Truths and a Lie Answers and Explanations

Alright, so yesterday was 2 truths and a lie guessing day, so today I will reveal the answers and give some much needed explanations haha.

Round One: (disclaimer: my parents really do love me... I think... haha just kidding!)

1. When I was three my Mom broke my leg
TRUTH- I was sitting in the kid seat in the shopping cart and we were leaving the grocery store. I told my mom I wanted to go fast, so she hopped on the cart (the little underneath rack) and pushed like on a scooter or something, the cart hit a pothole in the parking lot - flipped - and I broke my leg. My parents were having friends over for dinner that night and when my mom got home she had me in a cast up to my hip and I couldn't bend, she was so upset she just started crying when she walked in the house saying "I broke my baby..."
2. When I was five I fell off the roof of my play house
3. When I was two my Dad opened the freezer and a frozen thing of OJ mix fell on my toe, causing the nail to grow weird ever since.
TRUTH - now my toenail grows all weird and rippled, not gross looking or anything, and I can totally cover it up with nail polish.

Round Two:

1. I was a Business Minor and Anthropology Minor
TRUTH - I wanted business somewhere on my resume, but without a ton of math/econ classes, and who doesn't love a little bit of anthro?
2. I was a Communications Major
TRUTH - I hate math, and I love to talk
3. I was a Psychology Major

Round Three:

1. Josh pursued me for 5 months before I would go out with him
TRUTH - poor Joshy, I really wanted nothing to do with him, but he just wouldn't go away! So whether I liked it or not I soon found out what a cute dork he really was and he grew on me, and the rest is history!
2. Josh and I met at a Basketball Game at Halftime when he spilled a soda on me
3. Josh and I have the same last name, but we aren't married
TRUTH - His last name is Carey, and my last name is Kerri

So there are the results, thanks for guessing!

And Katie, I thought about disqualifying you too, because you were the only one I KNEW would definitely get them all right haha.



Mare said...

Well, I got two out of three. =)

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh, I'm mad I missed this game..hope you host it again soon so I can guess. :)

Life with Lindsey said...

NERD!!!!! Oh and I would have gotten the two about you right but the last one about josh I might have gotten wrong, but then again I know he doesn't play basketball so who knows i might have gotten them all and you would have had to pay me $1 MILLION

KatieKelly said...

Haha yeah you should of - I creep around here sometimes and I had to "guess"

S. said...

what a cool post! mind if I borrow your sweet idea?? thanks! i will def be reading more.