Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Tye Dye Master Pieces

As you may have read, yesterday I tye dyed! And now that the dye has set and everything has been washed, I thought I would show you my works of art!

Hot Pink Spiral Scarf :) So fun for Spring/Summer!
Hot Pink/Turquoise Shirt, I'm thinking this will make an appearance on the 4th of July :)
And last but not least, my Associated Students Productions Shirt, excellent for running/the gym.

If you haven't tye dyed before, I highly recommend it! It is so fun, and a great way to revamp older things, or just make new things fun! Last year I tye dyed my mom an Apron, and myself a skirt, the possibilities are endless! If you are interested but aren't sure where to start, this is a great website that sells the dyes and how to books!

Happy Hump Day!



Mare said...

Cute! I've never tye dyed. Maybe this summer...=)

jlc said...

Well done Katie!!!

Ummm and yeah so the bday is totally coming up soon... and??? just kidding!


PS you made my day the other day with your comment on "you can climb rocks with nails... you can do anything!" You are seriously one of the sweetest girls I've ever met in bloggie world!

Mr. Fahrenheit said...

nice shirts...

ps yea im jealous i still haven't had any ice cream:(

Life with Lindsey said...

I like your shirts, Christie wants to make a bunch, but I am no pro like you. Do you like Dennis profile photo I chose? haha