Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Recap!

Friday night my former college was hosting an event with guest speaker Katelynn from the Real World Brooklyn. Since I am still so close with all of the student Event Planners, I got to go early to hang out with them and Katelynn!

Beofre meeting her I was really curious as to what she would be like in 'real life' because I felt like I already had somewhat of an idea from watching her on the show... but let me tell you, she is SO different from how they portrayed her on the show. She was hilarious, and was constantly cracking the funniest jokes and she def. loved all of the attention she was getting.

Katelynn and I
Katelynn Speaking
Here is a clip from during her Q&A in response to the question "Do your new parts look normal/real?" And she responds with a story of how the boys in the house couldn't tell hers from the other girls during a photo line up of their 'you know whats'.

Katelynn was a great speaker, and had an amazing story to tell. For those of you who may not know, Katelynn was born male, and underwent a $20K sex change surgery in Thailand, without the help of anyone in her family. She is a truly strong woman, and her story was so touching. I'm really glad I got to hear her speak, as well as meet her.

On Saturday Josh and I ran a bunch of errands, the main task: get Mother's Day gifts for our Moms. I had no idea what to get Josh's Mom, but after wandering the aisles of Michael's we found the perfect thing, a plain wooden bird feeder. I know, I know, sounds lame... but I completely transformed this bad boy into a work of art. I forgot to take a picture of it pre-paint/decorations, but just imagine the whole thing a light wooden color.
End View 1
Side View
End View 2
Super cute, eh? I also got her a bag of bird seed so she is ready to start feeding the birds as soon as she opens it haha.

And of course while at Michael's, we found all sorts of other fun things, like this little kid Elephant hat! I made Josh try it on and let me take his picture against his will haha.
Side Profile of the Elephant Trunk!
Then we headed over to Border's so I could find my Mom a cookbook, and thanks to Coupon Sherpa (the iPhone app) I had a 40% off coupon, and a coupon for a free drink at Seattle's Best Cafe inside Border's, so I got a yummy hot chocolate for free!

While there, Josh and I came across this wonderful treasure: a GIANT Cat book. It was in the sale section for $9 and we knew we had to get it for his sister. The thing weighed about 15 lbs or so and Josh was embarrassed to carry it around, so we hid it behind some other Giant books until right before we checked out. Oh, and everyone in line was staring at Josh and his Giant book, one guy even said "Nice Book" and laughed at Josh, it was really awkward.

Sunday Josh went to his sister's hockey game in San Jose, and I stayed home to clean the house and run some errands. Now it's Monday again, and it's time to Job Search, yuck!



Lil' Woman said...

Josh looks soo manly carrying a big pussy in his :)

Mare said...

I haven't watched the Real World since it was in Hawaii. I think that was ten years ago! Anyway, I had NO IDEA about Katelynn and her story. That was crazy!

You did a really good job on the birdhouse. The HUGE cat book is pretty funny. I wonder where she'll keep it...

jlc said...

Ohhh!! I've always wanted to make a birdhouse!!

That is just too cute !! And PINK! (Love it!!)