Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!

This weekend was a fun one! A three day-er and filled with stuff! Saturday was SSU's Commencement, with Henry Rollins as the Key Note Speaker (def. interesting). I've been working part time in the Alumni Association Office, so I went to help out during Graduation, and to see off some of my favorite people!

Henry Rollins
Andi and I with her French Major Hat, complete with a postcards and Baguette!!
Bridget and I! Bridget was my roommate Junior and Senior Year.
After graduation, Josh and I joined our good friend Allie and her family for her Celebratory Graduation Dinner! We headed to the restaurant early to surprise decorate the table, and I must say it turned out FAB-U-LUSSS! Sadly, the tragedy of the day, I didn't get a picture with Allie! :( Good thing we have a million others haha. After dinner we dropped a very happy Allie off at her house and we headed home and went to bed.

Sunday, Josh and I met up with my family in San Francisco to go to the De Young Museum and The Academy of Sciences. They were both really neat! We went to the Academy first, which didn't open until 11AM and there was a HUGE line outside, luckily it moved fast and we got in around 11:20.

The Academy of Sciences
They had all sorts of things there, including creepy crawly cocroaches!
Mom and the baby Giraffe (her favorite animal)
Albino Alligator! It was so weird looking!
Inside the Rain forest Dome
Looking into the bottom of the rain forest dome, there were HUGE fish in there.
Pretty Butterfly in the Rain forest Dome
Ceiling of the Rain forest Dome
Outside on the Living Roof!
It's like a Teletubbie Paradise! haha
The De Young Museum across Golden Gate Park. We went up in that tower!
We had a picnic in the park, it was a bit chilly, but still fun. Clay, Josh, and I threw a Frisbee around to stay warm. And there was a funny band playing that reminded me of something from Mary Poppins.
Art inside the De Young
Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal being crucified on this art. I swear a little girl walked by moments after this picture with the most CONFUSED look on her face, like "What the Hell Happened to Mickey??"
Large Blown Glass Fruit!
I'm not even going to pretend like I know what's happening here.
View of the Academy of Sciences from the De Young Tower
View of SF and the bay from the tower!
Clay and Josh's birthday's are a month apart and I accidentally bought them the same sweatshirt (among other things), so this happens on occasion...
Joshy and I! :)
Driving home across the Golden Gate Bridge!
Monday was spent catching up on everything! Allie and I ran errands to prep for our Memorial Day BBQ, I cleaned the house and did laundry, and we of course watched the Season Premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Bed time came fast, and work this morning came even faster!

Now it's time for some ice cream and COPS with Joshy :)



jlc said...

I HEART picture heavy posts but ahhh sans cochroaches!!!


Mare said...

Fun weekend! That's hilarious that Josh and your brother were wearing the same sweatshirt! At least you hadn't bought the same one for your dad too.


Lil' Woman said...

Cute pics! :)