Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2 Truths and A Lie

Have you ever played this game? I'll list two truths and one lie, and you have to guess which one is the lie.

Here's a quick example:
1. My Dad Owns a Landscape Company
2. My Mom Sells Mon-A-Vie
3. My Brother Sells Cocaine.

OBVIOUSLY number 3 is the lie! My Brother is a High School Senior, who Skateboards and enjoys Photography - Not Cocaine haha

So let's get started with the real game....

Round One:
1. When I was three my Mom broke my leg
2. When I was five I fell off the roof of my play house
3. When I was two my Dad opened the freezer and a frozen thing of OJ mix fell on my toe, causing the nail to grow weird ever since.

Round Two:
1. I was a Business Minor and Anthropology Minor
2. I was a Communications Major
3. I was a Psychology Major

Round Three:
1. Josh pursued me for 5 months before I would go out with him
2. Josh and I met at a Basketball Game at Halftime when he spilled a soda on me
3. Josh and I have the same last name, but we aren't married

Alright, guess away! Tomorrow I will reveal which ones are the lies! And tell some stories behind the truths.

Happy Hump Day!


ATTN: Josh you are automatically disqualified and cannot vote :P


Mare said...

I LOVE this game. I played it Social Psychology back in my college days and now I play it with my students sometimes. They love it.

Here's what I think:

Round One: Number 1-lie
Round Two: Number 3-lie
Round Three: Number 2-lie

Josh said...

so not fair, but kinda good cause I don't think I would get #1 right

jlc said...

2, 1 , and wow 3 of the last one would be reallyyyyyy weird.

Haha! That would've never happened in my case!!

Cute cute game! I may have to steal it for a rainy day which ohhhh might be soon! :D

KatieKelly said...

2,3,2 I don't think I should be able to guess either haha