Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Weekend Recap!
On Thursday I drove to Novato to pick up my friend Lauren from work and from there we drove to San Francisco to meet up with our other friend Alexis for dinner. We went to this neat restaurant called Spork. The food was soooo good! I had the in-side-out burger and for dessert I had the warm brownie with vanilla gelato -- DELISH! After dinner I dropped Lauren off at her place and then drove home to my parent's house in Livermore for the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday, my brother Clay, Josh, and I went out in the vineyards behind our house to have a little Mother's Day photoshoot. It was really hot, so we made it quick, and were only out there for about 20 min, and luckily we came up with two decent shots. Sorry they are sorta small, I don't have the originals because they are on my brother's computer.

Yes, I am fully aware that I need a tan.

After the photoshoot we got the pictures printed and enlarged at Costco, and then went to get them framed. They turned out really nice, and my Mom loved them :)

Then at 3:30 on Saturday we had Bocce ball reservations followed by dinner reservations at 5 at Campo di Bocce. We had never been there before, let alone play bocce ball, so it was fun to try it out! We broke up into teams, my parents vs. my brother's** and I. At first we were winning and then my parents tured it around and completely dominated us. But it was still a lot of fun!

Clay throwing the bocce ball.
Dad and Clay taking measurements to see whose Bocce Ball is closer. (They got really into it)
The beautiful view from the Bocce Ball Court, the Livermore Valley is very pretty.
Final Score: 8-15 Parents Win.
Mom and Dad.
After Bocce ball we ate a wonderful dinner in the restaurant, and then we went to TCBY for some fro yo, YUM!

Sunday I washed the Jetta and helped my brother completely clean and organize his whole room, it was a typical 17 year old boy's room: a pigsty- with piles of laundry and about $8 worth of change lying in various places. We also gave my Mom her gifts and then had some yummy BBQ ribs and potatoes for dinner.

Overall it was a nice weekend and I was really happy to get to see my family and our dogs! Now it is back to the grind of job searching and making hard decisions -yuck. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend too!


**I know some of you may be thinking, wait you have two brothers? The answer is I only have one brother, but we sorta adopted our old neighbor Kevin when his Mom passed away a few years ago of Lou Gehrig's Disease.

He is a great/funny kid, and has been a part of our family for about 5 years now. He just turned 21 and loves to team up with my brother to pick on me/annoys me- just like a real brother. So needless to say, we all consider him a part of our family, and he is like a brother to me... just a bit asian looking. haha


Mare said...

Your weekend looked like it was lots of fun! There's a vineyard behind your parents house? How cool is that?


Life with Lindsey said...

haha glad you had fun and I love the pic of you on his shoulders haha...good luck with the job stuff!

Josh said...

I just have to say that my photography skills are excellent