Friday, July 31, 2009

Gym Freak of The Week

When I went to the gym on Tuesday I was stretching and getting ready to get in the pool when I noticed an older lady staring at me. As you know at this gym gaulkers are fairly common, but they are usually men - so I was thinking "what in the world is she staring at? Is stretching really that weird??"

Then I Realized It: My Tan Lines

Unfortunately, my one piece lap suit is much higher cut on the hips than my bikini, which leaves me with a rather large/noticeable white zebra stripe in comparison to my somewhat tan body.
So after spending the last few weekends boating and poolside, I have become relatively tan.

Which leaves me looking something along these lines (no pun intended):
So Ladies and Gents, the day has come.... I have gone to the dark side... I am officially a Gym Freak. But I mean, it was only a matter of time right?


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give and Get!

I'm pretty stinking excited because the next 4 days it is the Give and Get Promotion for all Gap Brands!!
This means you get 30% off of your entire purchase and 5% is donated to charity!! It's a win win all around. Since I am on the emailing list I was sent the 30% off coupon (which can be used over and over again during the next 4 days)! It also allows me to send the coupon to friends, so if you want one, just comment with your email and I will send you one :)

It's good at:

-Old Navy
-Banana Republic
-and Banana Outlets!

Amazing right!?

Happy Shopping! And let me know if you want me to email you one!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It Figures...

Just my luck... one day until we move, and four days until I start my new job and guess who is getting sick?

Yep! You guessed it, Yours Truly.

So as much as I know I should/need to rest, there is too much to do around here to sit around in my jams and relax. Let's hope that DayQuil, Mon-A-Vie, and tons of Vitamins can kick this cold in the butt before the weekend!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishies, Drive-In's, Cupcakes Oh My!

This weekend Josh and I traveled up to El Dorado Hills (near Sacramento) to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin and we had so much fun!

Friday Josh and I got to their house around 3, and we instantly put our swim suits on because it was 105 out! So we all went out back and hung out in the pool, and then my grandparents came over, so it was a lot of fun to get to see them also! Then after swimming we had dinner, and then decided to watch a movie... and we chose Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.... and let me just say WOW I forgot how cheesy that movie was haha, but still cute I guess.

On Saturday we got up and went to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Folsom because Josh hadn't been to one before and I think they are hilarious!
Josh and my Uncle Vince getting the fish food out of the dispenser, we found a broken dispenser that gave the food out for free instead of having to pay - Score!!
Josh with one of the MANY free handfuls of fish food haha

Getting ready to feed the fishies - I think they were Steele head trout or something... all I know is that fish food smelled nasty!
All of the rows and rows of fish
There was also a ranger man feeding the fish, you can tell where he put food because the fish are freaking out!
My cousin Megan feeding the fish
Then after the hatchery we dropped my cousin off at a birthday party and went to a pet store to look at puppies! (we never made it to the breeder on Friday).

aww baby yorkie!
A Bernese Mountain Dog! So cute and Fluffy :)
On a relevant side note: Thanks for all of your input about the puppies! We really appreciate all of your great advice. We talked about it and realized that we A) Really Want a Lab and B) we are really active and like to exercise, and with a park across the street from the new townhouse there is no way we wouldn't be able to have a Lab, so when the time is right, we are getting a lab puppy! :)

Then after looking at puppies we went and my Aunt test drove a Lexus at the Lexus dealer because she wants a new car, and after that we came home and hung out in the pool the rest of the afternoon!

For dinner we BBQ'd it up, and then got ready to go to the Drive-In Movie Theatre in Sacramento! It was SO NEAT!

They had 6 screens all showing double features! Since we had my 8 year old cousin with us we saw G-Force and Up, which were still really cute movies
There was a huge line of cars to get into the place, and it took about 45 min just to get to the pay gate. But I was surprised, it's so much cheaper than the real movies PLUS it was a double feature! It was only $6/person!
Josh, My Aunt, My Cousin, and Myself ! We brought yummy cupcakes and popcorn as movie snacks!
I tried to take a picture of the screen we were watching but it didn't come out, so here is a picture of the screen that was next to us haha.
We got home from the drive in around 1am and went to bed, then on Sunday Josh and I left my Aunt's house and stopped at the Roseville Galleria which is an AMAZING mall so I could get some work clothes. I may or may not have bought some REALLY cute jeans from the Pink store by Victoria's Secret along with a really cute Vera Bradley Christmas Ornament at a little cutesy shop :)

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Countdown: 3 Days till we move!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Open or Closed?

This is kind of a weird topic, but I just have to see if I am the only one out there with this going on in my house...
When you go to the bathroom at home do you leave the door open or closed?

This might seem like a weird question, but here is the situation: When I go to the bathroom I close the door, but I don't fully close it so the door clicks or anything, I just swing it closed so it is still open a crack. Mainly because I don't feel like its a big deal because I know Josh won't come in, and of course I don't want to pee with it wide open either.

So here is where it gets weird (in my mind). When Josh goes to the bathroom he fully closes the door AND locks it. I can't help it, but this bugs me, I feel like he doesn't trust me or something haha. He says it is out of habit, and recently he has finally stopped locking the door, but he still HAS to have it closed all the way.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not standing outside the bathroom trying to peek in through the crack in the door or anything, but in such a small apartment you can tell when someone closes the door all of the way and locks it or not.

And I'm not asking for him to pee with the door open - that's not my goal at all, I'm just saying... really? After 6 years you still aren't comfortable enough to pee with the door not locked down like a Hurricane Bunker??

Tell me if I am being Crazy.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Dog Dilemma

Josh has always wanted a dog. When we started thinking about moving out of the apartment he told me that if we found a place with a yard he was getting a dog, and FYI Josh is never assertive about anything - so this was kind of a big deal haha.

So my friends, the day has come. Next week we are moving into a townhouse with a backyard (nothing huge), and Josh is looking at me with his puppy face, no pun intended, asking if we can please get a dog.


Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs! My family has had at least 2 dogs at a time all of my life, and most recently we have had three amazing labs, whom I wouldn't trade for anything- they are like my siblings haha.

And as you can see, Josh absolutely adores our dogs. Every time we are at my parents house the first thing he does is go out back and play with the dogs.
Getting a dog is a HUGE responsibility, and I know Josh understands this, but at the same time, I can't help but weigh out the pros and cons/issues.

The main issue being, Big Dog Vs. Small Dog, which one??

Josh and I both would love to have a Lab, hands down it would be our first chocie. But in a townhouse with a small backyard that seems a bit unpractical, which brings us to Yorkies. Yorkies are the only small dog that Josh and I can agree we both like, and it would be much better suited to living in a townhouse. But then that means it would be an inside dog, which I am not a huge fan of.

But this little one is pretty freaking cute!
I think my biggest issue isn't about having the small dog now, but having it in 5-10 years. When we settle down and have a family, I want my kids to grow up with a Lab like I did, not a Yorkie... so I am conflicted.

Here is a picture of when we got our youngest lab Belle two years ago, isn't she precious?!!
So...Do I get a small dog to fill the dog void in Josh's wittle heart? Or do I make Josh wait until we are in a bigger house with a yard where we can have a bigger outside dog? Or do I just get a big dog and make the extra effort to get it to the park everyday to run?

What do you think we should do? I need your help! haha


p.s. Josh found a Yorkie breeder who is conveniently located on our drive to visit our family this weekend, and after seeing the pictures on the website you better believe I melted and emailed the breeder for an appointment to take a peek at the puppies. Seriously, what am I getting myself into??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dearest Jetta,

We've been through a lot... special events like Proms, a ton of Road Trips, Graduation from High School AND College, a couple of big girl jobs, and of course many shopping trips to San Francisco. You know I love you. You know there is no one else. But I have a questions to ask you....

Why are you falling apart all of a sudden?
-New Trunk Lock -$250
-New Brakes - $500
-Replaced that weird looking hose - $200

You see, Mama loves you, but I just can't afford to keep putting all of this money into you, I mean maybe if you spread out the repairs/maintenance/smogging/ect, but having them ALL happen within 2 months? It isn't really fair (or friendly for that matter).

Maybe this is payback for the cracked windshield I have been forcing you to sport all over town for the last year? I know I know - it's an eyesore and rather embarrassing, but that costs money to replace, and honestly I can still see out of the window- which means I'm in no rush to fix it. So please get over it, and hopefully I will have it fixed in a month or so, provided you don't have any other unforeseen doctor's appointments.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Boating Weekend!

This weekend Josh and I went camping with my family and a bunch of family friends at Lake Oroville! It was SO hot the whole weekend (it never went below 100!) but it was still a great time! Thursday Josh and I drove to the lake, and that night we celebrated my parents 26th Anniversary!

I got some cute cupcakes from Sift to bring with us and they were delish!
Friday morning we got up really early because the sun was beating into our tent making it a sweat box! It's so crazy when it is already over 90 at 7am! We ran misters the whole time we were in camp and they were lifesavers!

Josh and I getting ready to go boating!
Here I am at the Marina, waiting for my dad to get back from parking the truck after we launched the boat.
Clay showing off his inner Gilligan
After we were all loaded up in the boat we met up with our friends, tied all of the boats together and went swimming! (We did a lot of this since it was so hot!)
I had to take a picture of this houseboat, it reminds me of some sort of gypsy wagon haha
By the end of the day poor Joshy was SO sunburned and tired. (I felt bad because I was in charge of putting sunscreen on him - whoops guess I failed at that one)
Friday night we went back into camp and made some dinner, then called it an early night. On Saturday we woke up again to the blazing heat- YUCK! Then we went out to breakfast and then spent another full day out on the boat :)

Clay had some sweet hair from going so fast haha!

Joshy and I :) Like our snazzy hats??
Even though it was so hot out, it was still really pretty on the water!
I'm On a Boat! bahaha to those of you who get that joke!
Saturday night we all went in to town to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, then we came back and hung out for a while before heading to bed. The great part about the group camp we were staying in was that it had really clean showers! So I got to shower every day, which was def. a plus!

Sunday morning we got up and packed all of our stuff and hit the road!

The boats on the trailers ready to go home!
And of course, since Josh and I were driving through Sacramento literally RIGHT PAST IKEA we had to stop! We got my desk, along with many other treasures :)

As you can see we did quite a bit of damage!
Who needs to use their rear view mirror anyways?
Overall it was a SUPER fun weekend, I got some much needed sun, along with a minor sunburn, but I'm lotion-ing it up frequently so hopefully I won't peel! It was great being out on the boat with my family and friends, just hanging out :)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yay for the Weekend!!

Feast your eyes on my new Nalgene Water Bottle Collection!
Yep, that's right, they are PINK - huge surprise? haha. I recently decided my old Nalgene bottles needed to be replaced, so I looked around on their website a bit, and was instantly sold on these pink beauties.

The best part? They are BPA free and they had them at the local sporting goods store for cheaper than the website price!

You can bet your bottom dollar that these little lovelies will be making the trip to the lake this weekend with Josh and I to go Boating/Camping with my family! See Ya Monday!! Have a great weekend! :)

And a special little shout out: Happy 26th Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you both!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gym Freak of The Week

Yesterday when I was stretching on the pool deck I encountered this week's Gym Freak of The Week. This old man came walking up to the lane one over from mine and just stood there, looking at the water. I'm like "oh great, did he just fall asleep standing up or something?"

No No, he didn't he was just contemplating his plan of attack. You see most older people enter the pool from the stairs because crouching down to the pool deck hurts their legs, so when he just stood there it was obvious he was planning an alternate method of getting in the pool. Which keep in mind diving isn't allowed.

So after what seems like forever, the old man decides to make his entry into the water, in what seems to be the world's biggest Fail of a Dive gone wrong into a Body Flop. Now normally I wouldn't care, but the wrath of the tidal wave that followed his body flop was SO big that it DRENCHED me.
I know you are thinking, "Katie, chill out, you are about to get wet anyways" but to that I say, I like getting in the pool on my OWN terms, not when the old inconsiderate man decides to belly flop into the pool. SO annoying!

So PLEASE enter the pool politely, Diving Is NOT Allowed for a Reason.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ikea Solves Everything!

As you all know I've been on the hunt for a desk. And because I am a tad OCD I couldn't rest until I found a desk I liked (and I was pretty sure I knew which one I wanted from IKEA) but in order to stop obsessing about it I knew I needed to go to IKEA to touch/see it in person.

So on Saturday, Josh and I went to IKEA to fulfill my need to see the desk in person, and I am SO GLAD I did!

I've decided to get this desk top!
Now I just have to decide which legs! What do you think?
These wrought iron style ones are $20 each....
And these A-Frame ones are $40....

Here are some pictures from inside the store, please excuse the crappy quality!
They didn't have an example of the A-Frame ones on the desk top I like, but here they are on this one...
I also found this super cute desk chair! I want to recover the pad in a cute fabric :)
So ladies and gents, which desk legs??


Monday, July 13, 2009

Tag you're It!

Caitlin over at City Intern Girl Life tagged me to do this! so here it goes...

The Rules Are you need to Share 10 things about yourself that the bloggy world might not know. I did one of these last week, so hopefully I can think of some more stuff! :)

p.s. I really have no idea what this thing is called, or why it has an I <3 Paris Picture haha


1. I have a birthmark on the back of my left knee that looks like Australia

2. I walked home from work today because my car is in the shop and Josh is at his parent's house

3. I swam competitively all throughout middle and high school and never got swimmer's ear, then recently when I started swimming at the gym I now get swimmer's ear almost instantly -- probably too many freaks in the water haha

4. I have an elephant tape dispenser and alligator stapler

5. I have an adopted cousin who is so cute, she is secretly my favorite

6. I love having cereal for dinner

7. I believe in doing "my good deed for the day" if not more

8. I'm an aggressive driver, I NEVER hesitate to honk the horn. Josh never uses his horn, so when he is driving I honk it for him haha

9. I'm a nail biter

10. I LOVE milk, Josh and I go through 2.5 gallons/week

I tag:

Happy Monday Everyone!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Say hello to my new pride and joy...

So today Josh and I went "shopping" for washers and dryers, because we really need a new set, and since we are moving, we decided we would buy new ones once we are in the new house next month.

Well, after seeing them all shiny and beautiful, I thought about it and realized: what the hell, money is money and it all spends the same whether I buy it now or wait until we are in the new place. So I did what any logical person would do: I BOUGHT THEM! :)

I got these beautiful LG front loaders in pretty white, with the nice stands and everything!

On top of talking the price down $440, and getting both stands for $50/each (normally $200), I opened a Best Buy Master Card which is going to send me 4% of my total purchase back (about $70), plus they gave me two $50 Best Buy Gift Cards, and I get a $75 rebate from the electric company, and a $75 rebate from the water company because they are High Efficiency!

Out the door it was just about $1700, PLUS I will get the $150 in cash rebates and $170 in Best Buy Gift Cards (which is perfect because Josh's birthday is in September -Sweet!)! OH and they are delivering and installing them FOR FREE at the new house!!

So since I couldn't take them home with me, here is a picture of me with what I could take home... the Dryer's power cord! haha
I'm so excited! I will do a whole post on how beautiful they are in person next month when I get them hahahaha

-Katie :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally, I Got a Job!

So as many of you know, I was laid off in March from my job as an event planner in Napa. Since then I have been job searching, and working part time for the Alumni Association on campus (a temp position that ends August 14th).

I have been interviewing a fair amount and sending my resume out a TON. But in this economy people don't want to hire relatively new event planners (even though I have 4 years of experience), especially when people aren't even having events anymore. So I've been looking in other areas of work, mainly hotels, hospitality, wineries, and retail. A few months ago I finally came to terms that I am NOT going to find my dream job right now, and even if I find it (which I found a few) the chance that I will get it is very unlikely.

Back to the drawing board I went, to reevaluate my skills, what I am good at, and where I have the most experience, and the best shot at getting hired. Sadly, the answer to each one of those points is Retail. My resume is full of long term retail positions, and of course my Management position at Pottery Barn Kids. I hated being a Manger at PBK. The store was unorganized, dirty and full of germs, and there didn't seem to be any room for growth - especially when the place was so dysfunctional. I hated closing, I hated working on the weekends. But right now, I just need a job, and beggars can't be choosers.

Which brings me to the reason I write this: I got a job! I have been offered to be the Assistant Manager for the Coach store near where Josh and I live. The store managers are all really nice, they seem to have their stuff together, and they guarantee you one weekend off a month (more than I can say about PBK!). They have wonderful benefits, which is a plus considering I have been without them since March, and they have a great bonus program if the store meets its sales goals. Another great thing about this job is that it is only a 15-20 minute drive from our house, and they are opening a new store in Livermore in 2010 (where my family is from)! They are all about internal advancement, so if I am ready for my next step I will have a good shot at getting transferred to Livermore!

So that is where I am at right now, I am still going to keep my eye out for a job that I can actually write home about, but in the mean time, this job will suffice!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Gym Freak Of The Week

So today's gym freak of the week is just plain creepy. As you all know, I swim laps.

The pool is indoors, but it has a window looking into the pool area from the inside of the gym. A lot of times when people are getting tours of the gym they will come to this window and peek out into the pool for a minute or so, no biggie.

Well yesterday, as I'm swimming laps I see an old man standing at the window next to my lane. I just brush it off and keep swimming my laps. But after about 8 more laps I notice he is STILL standing at the window watching me swim (I was the only one in the pool at the time).

After it was apparent that he had no plans on moving from the window any time soon, I made it clear that I could in fact see him, by making eye contact with him, and then I got out of the pool. It was one of those "I feel like I've been visually undressed moments." So gross.

Here are a few tips on stalking/creeping for next time you sick old man:
1. Make sure the person you are creeping on CAN'T see you.
2. Just because the person you are creeping on has swim goggles on doesn't mean they can't see you through them.
3. Don't stand there for over 5 minutes, it's obvious you aren't just looking at the scenery

Happy Friday Everyone!!