Monday, July 20, 2009

Boating Weekend!

This weekend Josh and I went camping with my family and a bunch of family friends at Lake Oroville! It was SO hot the whole weekend (it never went below 100!) but it was still a great time! Thursday Josh and I drove to the lake, and that night we celebrated my parents 26th Anniversary!

I got some cute cupcakes from Sift to bring with us and they were delish!
Friday morning we got up really early because the sun was beating into our tent making it a sweat box! It's so crazy when it is already over 90 at 7am! We ran misters the whole time we were in camp and they were lifesavers!

Josh and I getting ready to go boating!
Here I am at the Marina, waiting for my dad to get back from parking the truck after we launched the boat.
Clay showing off his inner Gilligan
After we were all loaded up in the boat we met up with our friends, tied all of the boats together and went swimming! (We did a lot of this since it was so hot!)
I had to take a picture of this houseboat, it reminds me of some sort of gypsy wagon haha
By the end of the day poor Joshy was SO sunburned and tired. (I felt bad because I was in charge of putting sunscreen on him - whoops guess I failed at that one)
Friday night we went back into camp and made some dinner, then called it an early night. On Saturday we woke up again to the blazing heat- YUCK! Then we went out to breakfast and then spent another full day out on the boat :)

Clay had some sweet hair from going so fast haha!

Joshy and I :) Like our snazzy hats??
Even though it was so hot out, it was still really pretty on the water!
I'm On a Boat! bahaha to those of you who get that joke!
Saturday night we all went in to town to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, then we came back and hung out for a while before heading to bed. The great part about the group camp we were staying in was that it had really clean showers! So I got to shower every day, which was def. a plus!

Sunday morning we got up and packed all of our stuff and hit the road!

The boats on the trailers ready to go home!
And of course, since Josh and I were driving through Sacramento literally RIGHT PAST IKEA we had to stop! We got my desk, along with many other treasures :)

As you can see we did quite a bit of damage!
Who needs to use their rear view mirror anyways?
Overall it was a SUPER fun weekend, I got some much needed sun, along with a minor sunburn, but I'm lotion-ing it up frequently so hopefully I won't peel! It was great being out on the boat with my family and friends, just hanging out :)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!



Maryellen said...

Fun weekend! Camping with showers is about the only way I can handle it. =)

BTW, I didn't get the boat joke but John did. You funny girl.

Erin said...

That lake looks gorgeous! I'm glad you guys had such a good time! Enjoyed hearing about it!:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love your hats! I want yours! it's super cute!

Lil' Woman said...

Looks like a fun weekend! :) ANd I def. dig your snazzy hats!

By the way, which legs did you end up choosing for the desk?

Life with Lindsey said...

We did much of the same this weekend! I was only 20 or so miles away from you in Orland...toooo hot

Jon and Steph said...

How fun! That looks like a blast. I haven't been to the lake in years.
Great pics ;)

and woohoo for Ikea!

the future mrs Hinz said...

OMG IKEA!!!! i love that place. and every time my friends come to visit me they HAVE to go. you can def stock up when your there!

jen + ryan said...

loooks like a blast!! and those cupcakes look amazing!

RachelSmiles said...

ikea is the best! at least you had strong men to help you lift those 80lb boxes! :)

RCaitlin said...

Ahh clean showers! How nice! Sounds like a wonderful trip...I LOVE boating. Your dresses also looked super cute in the pics!