Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishies, Drive-In's, Cupcakes Oh My!

This weekend Josh and I traveled up to El Dorado Hills (near Sacramento) to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin and we had so much fun!

Friday Josh and I got to their house around 3, and we instantly put our swim suits on because it was 105 out! So we all went out back and hung out in the pool, and then my grandparents came over, so it was a lot of fun to get to see them also! Then after swimming we had dinner, and then decided to watch a movie... and we chose Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.... and let me just say WOW I forgot how cheesy that movie was haha, but still cute I guess.

On Saturday we got up and went to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery in Folsom because Josh hadn't been to one before and I think they are hilarious!
Josh and my Uncle Vince getting the fish food out of the dispenser, we found a broken dispenser that gave the food out for free instead of having to pay - Score!!
Josh with one of the MANY free handfuls of fish food haha

Getting ready to feed the fishies - I think they were Steele head trout or something... all I know is that fish food smelled nasty!
All of the rows and rows of fish
There was also a ranger man feeding the fish, you can tell where he put food because the fish are freaking out!
My cousin Megan feeding the fish
Then after the hatchery we dropped my cousin off at a birthday party and went to a pet store to look at puppies! (we never made it to the breeder on Friday).

aww baby yorkie!
A Bernese Mountain Dog! So cute and Fluffy :)
On a relevant side note: Thanks for all of your input about the puppies! We really appreciate all of your great advice. We talked about it and realized that we A) Really Want a Lab and B) we are really active and like to exercise, and with a park across the street from the new townhouse there is no way we wouldn't be able to have a Lab, so when the time is right, we are getting a lab puppy! :)

Then after looking at puppies we went and my Aunt test drove a Lexus at the Lexus dealer because she wants a new car, and after that we came home and hung out in the pool the rest of the afternoon!

For dinner we BBQ'd it up, and then got ready to go to the Drive-In Movie Theatre in Sacramento! It was SO NEAT!

They had 6 screens all showing double features! Since we had my 8 year old cousin with us we saw G-Force and Up, which were still really cute movies
There was a huge line of cars to get into the place, and it took about 45 min just to get to the pay gate. But I was surprised, it's so much cheaper than the real movies PLUS it was a double feature! It was only $6/person!
Josh, My Aunt, My Cousin, and Myself ! We brought yummy cupcakes and popcorn as movie snacks!
I tried to take a picture of the screen we were watching but it didn't come out, so here is a picture of the screen that was next to us haha.
We got home from the drive in around 1am and went to bed, then on Sunday Josh and I left my Aunt's house and stopped at the Roseville Galleria which is an AMAZING mall so I could get some work clothes. I may or may not have bought some REALLY cute jeans from the Pink store by Victoria's Secret along with a really cute Vera Bradley Christmas Ornament at a little cutesy shop :)

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Countdown: 3 Days till we move!



Crazy Shenanigans said...

First of all let me say I'm sooo jealous of you that you went to the drive in! I use to love going to ours but it closed down!!!

Second did you get a new header? it's super cute!!!!

Miss Adventure said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
I'm so excited to see your puppy when you finally get one! I think you went with the best choice. Get what you really want! Nick and I LOVE to go to pet shops just to look at all the little cuties! I have such a hard time leaving them behind. =]

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Now THAT sounds like a great weekend. Except I could do without the fish :) A drive-in sounds super fun!

jen + ryan said...

ohhhh it just breaks my heart to go to pet stores! i want to take every dog home!

the future mrs Hinz said...

good luck with the move! how exciting. and i miss the drive in movies - looked like you had a lot of fun!

Annie said...

yay, only 3 days till the big move! are you excited or what!? ;)
that came up quick!
glad you two had such a fun weekend! that first pic of you feeding fish is so cute! the pups are adorable too!
and i have to say i'm also jealous you got to go to a drive-in!

Anna said...

I go to the pet store ALL THE TIME. I always play with the big dogs. I am just not a small dog kind of girl, but I do admit they are always looking so adorable. But, I so approve of your choice to get a lab! I am way jealous! My good friend just bought a Bernese Mountain Dog a few months ago and I am so in love! haha...

I love all your pictures btw!

J.J. said...

Man I miss drive in movies. They were so much fun! Labs are such a good choice! Love 'em. Man...105...that is sooooo hot!!! New to your blog btw.

Lil' Woman said...

I want to go to a drive n but I can't find any that are close around here! : )

But it looks like you had a fab weekend and I'm glad you both came to agreement over the dog. When you get one Auntie Lil Woman will surely send a care package! : )

Maryellen said...

Fun weekend!