Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Note to Craigslist Sellers:

Calling something "Vintage" or "Chic" doesn't make it magically become cute, no no, it's still a PIECE OF CRAP, so stop tricking me into clicking your ad.

Some Examples:
Seller's Description: Cute Shabby Chic Desk/Vanity $55
Seller's Description: Shabby Chic Wood Desk -$120

My Idea of Cute/Vintage/Chic:

Can you say dream Desk? So cute! Someone help me locate this...
Of course by the time I contacted the seller for this one it was gone.
SOOOOOO Cute. But when I went to see it it was a bit on the small side.

I would like to get a used desk so I don't have to spend a lot, but honestly, some of the desks I'm finding on Craigslist are super expensive! I'm looking for a desk that has leg room because I'm fidgety, preferably table style so I can move back and forth and get up without having to scoot my chair out each time. I would also like it to be white, but I am totally down to repaint a desk if I find one I like. Is this all too much to ask for???

Any Suggestions as to wear I can find a good desk?? Or better yet, the dream desk in the picture??

I've tried all of the following websites, but if you have more ideas LET ME KNOW!!
-Jc Penny
-Pier 1
-Cost Plus World Market

I've even gone "antiquing" and thrift store shopping with Josh, but we came out very empty handed.



Crazy Shenanigans said...

Ikea and surprisingly JCPenny

Erin said...

Yes, try Ikea...although I'm a little partial since I was just there the other day haha:)

Jon and Steph said...

I love all of those, but definitely the second and third pics the best! Ikea is my fav for sure.... but it's practically the only thing that we have here ;)

Annie said...

Looks like everyone is voting for IKEA! I would personally check there as well :) I don't think you will find the "dream desk" there. Otherwise maybe just keep checking the antique and thift stores. You will find something! :)

RCaitlin said...

Haha I wrote a whole post about IKEA then saw all the other comments. Good luck!

jen + ryan said...

ooooh i need to look at craigslist! thanks for the reminder!

Heather said...

If I think of some I will let you know! Crack me up about the ads!

Lil' Woman said...

I usually always find something I like or close to what I like at Ikea.