Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Picnic Day!

Yesterday was my day off, so my good friend Allie and her puppy Brady came up for the day! We decided it would be the perfect opportunity to have a picnic so I could use my picnic backpack from Jon and Steph's Giveaway!!

Here's the pack, all loaded up, complete with my ducky blanket to sit on :)

I decided I would ride my bike and meet Allie at the park, so I got to use the sweet side strap on the backpack, it even had a spot for my iPhone!
We got to the park and set up our spot!
Allie and Brady
Brady :)
Josh met up with us after his summer school class got out. Can you tell how much he wants a dog? He was SO happy!
Then we went back to our place and let Brady run around our backyard (which we are slowly nursing back to health from the previous tenants).
Josh turned the sprinkler on and Brady was running through it and getting all hyper
It was really good to see Allie, because I haven't seen her since Graduation in May, and to see her little pup! After she left Josh asked if we could go look at puppies tomorrow, I felt so mean when I said no haha.



Sarah Ann said...

Aww that is such a cute dog! Tell Josh not to feel bad, he isn't the only one. We're allowed to get a dog in the house we're renting but there is a deposit that we have to pay and it is STEEP. So we're waiting until tax return season. And it is a very very VERY long wait. =[

Annie said...

aw the pups are so cute!
i'm jealous you got to have a picnic! looks like you all had a great time :)
i haven't had one in years!

the future mrs Hinz said...

what a cute puppy!! im jelous that you had monday off - mondays are the worst!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Looks like you got some good use out of that picnic pack!

Debbie said...

Aw, poor Josh...
the yard is looking good, too!!!! Love you, Pooh!!!

Heather said...

What a cute picnic bag!! But Brady is even cuter!!

Jon and Steph said...

Yay for the picnic pack! So glad you like it.

and that dog is adorable! I want one ;)