Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Weekend!

So this weekend FLEW by! We got a lot done, but I still have a million things on my "to-do" list.

Friday night after I got home from work, Stephanie and I went to the gym to work out, then we came back and made some delish BBQ Chicken for dinner, yumm :) Then after dinner, Stephanie and her boyfriend Anthony, Josh, and I all headed over to the park across the street to play some B-ball and tennis! We ended up staying out there for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun. After trying our hand at being Venus Williams for the night (I suck so bad at tennis, I was hitting all of the balls over the super high fence) we made chocolate milkshake's and watched Wall-E! It was such a cute movie and I am so glad we finally saw it! Yay for Netflix instant streaming!

Saturday was my brother Clay's birthday. He dedided to have a big BBQ with all of his friends rather than do something with just our family, so Josh and I were going to stay here and not go visit because we wouldn't really hang out with him much anyways since all of his friends were there. Buuuuuuut around 10:30 in the morning I just felt weird not being there on his birthday, even if he would be hanging out with his friends all day. So Josh and I randomly changed plans and left for my parents house around noon, and got there around 2pm.

But before we left we had to load up Josh's dresser into his car because we want to repaint it so it needs to be sanded but we don't have a sander. Sooooo we figured we would bring it home with us and use my Dad's sander to get the job done. Side Note: Josh's dresser is his mom's old purple dresser that he then covered in bumper stickers, so it has been in our walk in closet for the last year because it is too ugly to be put on display in our room. So we have begun operation Repaint Dresser, in order to make more room in our closet.

Once we got to my parents house, we wasted no time in getting the dresser out and we started sanding it right away! Kevin even helped!
Watch out, I'm armed with a power tool.
Then we had some BBQ burgers and sang Clay Happy Birthday and had some chocolate cake :)
Josh and I hung out with my parents and some family friends for a bit after dinner and then we headed back home around 9. Clay even made an effort to ditch his friends for a bit to hang out with us which was really nice. I'm so glad I went home to see him, even if it was only for a few hours, it just felt so strange not to be there for his birthday - does that make me weird? haha

On our way back into town we stopped at Wal-Mart at 10:30 pm (luckily they close at 11) to pick up some paint to paint the dresser! When we got home we put on a quick base coat and finally ended up in bed around 1am, which is way past my bed time!

On Sunday we got up and got dressed and put another coat of paint on the dresser and then ran all of our errands. We went grocery shopping and to Home Depot to get some cute glass knobs for the dresser! Now we just need to let it finish drying and we can put the knobs on!

Here it is in our garage drying... finished product pictures to come...
We also picked up a cute little flower pot thingy to hang over the railing on our porch! Now our silly rooster has some pretty flowers to look at :)
Among other things, we also hung a bunch of pictures on the walls today, Stephanie and Anthony worked on the backyard and fixed our fountain, we did some laundry, cleaned the ceiling fans (AGAIN before I would allow them to be turned on haha), we made a delish Pork Loin and some Baked Potatoes for dinner, and I have FINALLY emptied out all of our piles of stuff from moving that were in the garage. Being unpacked feels so great! The house is starting to come together and it is much more of a home now :)

It is just crazy, even though I've accomplished so much this weekend, I still feel so overwhelmed with things to do. Our next big project is to paint our bedroom, stay tuned for pictures of that! :)

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!



Jon and Steph said...

WOW! It sounds like a VERY busy weekend for ya'll. But it definitely sounds like you got a lot done. I know if feels fantastic to be unpacked. What great friends ya'll have for helping you this weekend ;)

Can't wait to see the pictures of the dresser all finished.

Annie said...

you have been keeping so busy girly!
glad you are getting a lot done and that you have help!
looking forward to seeing the finished dresser!
the rooster and flowers look great ;)

jen + ryan said...

yay! can't wait to see the dresser!

That's Sassy said...

Sounds like you had a fun and fabulous weekend! I loved Wall-E!! Soo cute. Thanks for the sweet comment!

Erin said...

Busy weekend! Happy birthday to Clay and I can't wait to see the finished dresesr!! :)

the future mrs Hinz said...

where in the world were you that your walmart closed??! i dont know that i have ever seen a walmart that wasnt open - unless maybe christmas day!!

i agree - you should post before and after pics of the dresser. looked like a big project.

Sarah Ann said...

I so have that same planter! Gotta love WalMart!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, you did have a busy weekend but it sounds like you got SO much done! That dresser is going to look great!

Maryellen said...

You got a lot done this weekend! You are definitely not a time waster. What color is your bedroom going to be?