Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Painting Predicament

I decided we should paint our room :
1) so we could patch up the holes from the previous tenants
2) so we could have clean walls, because they were pretty dirty looking
3) we couldn't just patch/spot paint because the room was a weird yellow color and the landlord doesn't have any extra paint

So here is where such a simple project turns disastrous, wasting time AND money - two of my pet peeves.

I collect a ton of yellow swatches, knowing we need to stay in the yellow area because that is what the landlord already had - not my first choice. ANYWAYS, yesterday we decided on a color called Colonial Yellow, which appeared to be a subtle yellow that won't blind you when you walk int he room. I buy two buckets of it from Wal-Mart @ $8 each - I know I know - not a bad price.

I get home and Josh starts painting, it's looking good... but then it dries, and looks like macaroni and cheese. GREAT. So ugly. So I have a freak out attack and decide we should go back to our second choice, a yellow called Straw Hat. It appears brighter and happier.

Before we waste any more time Josh goes to Home Depot to buy the new color, which of course is made by Behr so we now up the ante to $20/1 gallon bucket. Josh starts painting the new color, and I instantly love it, I mean compared to the mac n cheese, and the funky original color, it is a drastic improvement. Josh finishes the first coat while I am at the gym, I come home, and I am still liking it and relieved that it isn't super dark, so I go buy a second gallon for him to finish painting today.

This morning I wake up and I'm having second thoughts. It's SO yellow, like highlighter yellow. It isn't blinding, but its definitely YELLOW when you walk in the room. So now I'm out about $60 and I'm still not happy with the color. So I'm freaking out because Josh doesn't have time to keep repainting every time I change my mind, and I don't have the money to keep wasting to paint a room in a house I don't even own. But I am so OCD I know I can't have a room I don't like.

WHAT DO I DO???? I'm kind of freaking out, will the yellow be less drastic once we hang stuff on the walls, or should I just go to walmart and buy some White and call it a day??? I don't know what to do!!!

It doesn't help that I close at work the next 3 nights, then work all day Saturday and Sunday, so Josh and I can't even sit down and figure out what to do until Monday. Ughhhhhhhh.

What should we do???



lola said...

Oh goodness. I would say it might be worth it to just suck it up and buy a new color. It may be time and money, but you won't have the thought of a room you don't like constantly running through your mind when you see it.

Annie said...

if i couldn't stand the color i'd paint again!
best of luck hun!
i guess i will consider myself lucky...every color i've picked always turns out good. we always buy behr paint.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I always say that sanity is worth more than having money. So if it's bothering you that much then I would just get paint that you know you can live with and be done with it. I painted a room pink once and it turned out pepto it was HORRIBLE. It was behr paint and I was crying over it. I had to repaint it and went with a yellow and thankfully it worked.

jen + ryan said...

i agree that if it's going to drive you crazy you should just paint over it....

Sarah Ann said...

I think its good that you don't have time until Monday to do anything with it because it will really give you a chance to think about if you can live with that color or not. If you don't think you can then PAINT IT. Nothing ruins how you feel like the color of a room. And especially in the bedroom where you are suppose to feel calm and relaxed.

Maryellen said...

What a pain! I don't know...I would probably just leave it but you've got to do what will make you happy. Maybe the brightness will soften.

Jon and Steph said...

I might just paint over it! I know it's a mega pain, but if you're not happy with it now, you might not ever be!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Give yourself a few days to get used to it, you might like it more than you think, especially with different lighting. If not, then paint over it. You want to be happy! Maybe a neutral instead of a white though...

Lil' Woman said...

Maybe hang a few pieces that you want in the room and see how it looks...if it doesn't tome down the color or you still dont like it than I would just repaint it.

If anything, you go with white.