Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gym Freak Of The Week

As usual, I was swimming laps (maybe only freaks swim?) and I stopped to take a drink from my water bottle. As I was standing there I heard someone talking, and after they didn't stop I realized they were talking to me.

I turn to my right and I see this:

A Real Life Leprechaun
Straight off of the box of Lucky Charms (or maybe not) was a short fat little man with a read beard and bald head. As if I wasn't already disoriented enough after just swimming my little heart out AND trying to comprehend what on earth this little man was, I finally was able to tune in to what he was actually saying.

It went something like this:

Leprechaun: You swim so well and make it look so easy!
Me: ohh, yea... we I have been swimming for a long time
Leprechaun: Maybe you could give me swim lessons?
Me: uhhh I just know how to swim, I'm not sure if I could actually teach someone (even though I am fully capable haha)
Leprechaun: Oh ok, well I'll just watch you swim from underwater and see if I can get the hang of it that way
Me: umm ok.

I had no idea what to say. Luckily my workout was pretty much done, so I just swam a couple cool down laps and got the eff out of there! So creepy that he was watching me! EW! I mean at least he asked, but what was I supposed to do? Say no? AWKWARD!

So just in case you are as shocked as I was, let me reiterate:

I was asked for swim lessons by a leprechaun, who then proceeded to sit underwater and watch me swim.

And to make the whole situation even more disappointing, I couldn't even find his pot of gold.



Steph said...

Oh my! Gross!!! I don't know if I could have been as polite.

Annie said...

bahahaha, you crack me up every week with these!
a real life leprechaun!
how random he would ask you for lessons! SO WEIRD!!

MrsB said...

EW!!! What a creapo.

lola said...

Hahah, that is so bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Haha you & these freaks! I love these posts! I have a blog award for you on my page!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You have no idea how much this made me laugh and feel better today!

Jules said...

This may win the award for creepiest gym story ever! I think I would have handled the situation just as you did. What a creeper!

P.S. Thanks for the recommendations on my trip. We're looking into the submarine excursion!

Elle Squared said...

That's just... disturbing and odd and hilarious all at the same time.

If you see him again... switch gyms. lol

Debbie said...

LMAO!! Maybe you didn't really want to find his pot of gold...eeeewwww!!!!!! Maybe you need to find a different gym!

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Maryellen said...

Ok, I definitely think Leprechaun Man has taken the lead in the freakiest of your freaks of the week.

My jaw actually dropped when he said he could just watch you from underwater.

Sarah Ann said...

What a strange little man. I'll have to look for all these weirdos in RP when I come visit that area TOMORROW!!! Ahh! I'm so excited to see SSU again.

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

EW! Okay that is creepy!

Lil' Woman said...

He seriously sat underwater and watched you swim?!? WEIRD!!