Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free lunch, bike ride, and a new frisbee!

Yesterday was my second day off in a row - yay! (The simple joys of working a retail schedule) So I got up and ran some errands to the bank, the drugstore, and to the shoe store, then I came home and rode my bike to campus to meet Josh for lunch!

And boy did I luck out, it was the Club Fair Day on campus, where everyone gets a free lunch! Granted it is nothing fabulous, just a hot dog, chips, cookies, and a soda, but it is free so you can't beat it! Plus they serve your lunch on a Frisbee that you get to keep!

All of the Clubs
The Stevenson Quad
After we ate our lunch :)
Can you spot our bikes??
We have to share a bike lock because Josh lost his, so he had to set my bike free after lunch so I could go home.
While on campus I got to see my good friend Christa, and a bunch of my old co-workers which was really fun! I'm so glad I had yesterday off to visit with everyone :)

After lunch I rode my bike home and then went to Target to roam the aisles, I didn't have anything specific to get, I just knew I needed to go to Target (I haven't been in over a month!). Once I got home I took a nice little nap and then headed to the gym. Josh finally got home around 7:15 from class and we had dinner and then I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Sadly, one of the eggs didn't make it, whoopsie haha
Afterwards Joshy and I watched some TV and ate far too much cookie dough, and then we went to bed. It was a very productive yet fun day off, now it's back to work - boo!



Maryellen said...

Your day sounded very pleasant. I love that you took a picture of your fallen egg.


Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Do you's live right near the campus?

Sarah Ann said...

You're making me miss Sonoma! =( But that's okay cause I'm headed to CA in just a few weeks and I plan on visiting friends on campus when I'm there!

the future mrs Hinz said...

OMG is cookie dough not the best? i made snickerdoodles last night and i swear i couldve just kept it all dough and not made any cookies :) matt always has me keep 1/2 the dough so he can freeze it and snack on it instead of baking it!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay for having two days off!!!!! Sorry about the egg....

JessBay said...

I love free food days on campus....and I totally agree on needing a Target wandering day...I do those a lot. Have a great weekend!

Katie said...

honestly...HONESTLY---going to Target with no real goal in mind is one of my favorite mindless/relaxing adventures EVER....especially while sipping on a fountain soda...pure bliss.

Annie said...

score on the free lunch!
i love hot dogs!! haven't had one in like 6 weeks, cravings galore ;)

i always have a reason to go to target, i went 3 times last week. i seriously need to stay away from that place, i'm broke as a joke! ha!

glad your 2 days off were wonderful hunny bunny!