Monday, September 14, 2009

My Weekend Off! :)

I had this weekend off from work, and let me tell you it was so much fun! Friday started out wonderful, I was able to go home 2 hours early from work because my brother Clay was coming up to visit! When I got home Clay and Josh were hanging out and I had some beautiful flowers waiting for me too!!

Thank you Joshy for starting the weekend off with a wonderful surprise! :)
When I got home I made a quick trip to the gym to swim some laps and then Josh, Clay, my other brother Kevin, and Josh's friend Marcus and I all went out to our favorite local Chinese Food Restaurant!! So delicious! After dinner we headed over to campus to see Marcus's new dorm (which let me tell you is nicer than any apartment I have ever lived in! click the link to see a virtual tour) They are brand new suite style dorms with crown molding and stainless steel appliances!! It's Insane!

After that the boys headed to a party and I went home to watch some 9/11 tribute documentaries. I must say that I was some what disappointed in the lack of patriotism on Friday. I wore a ribbon all day at work and if we didn't have painting/construction going on at the house I would have been flying my American Flag too! Oh well.

On Saturday we got up and got ready because Clay was going to practice his photog skills by taking some portraits of Josh, my friend Stephanie, and I. It was a bit chilly and cloudy, but apparently when it is cloudy is the best time to shoot - so that is what we did! We took pictures all over campus which worked out really great because it is so lush and pretty.

Josh carrying the light umbrella
Clay snapping a few shots of Josh
Final ProductIt was funny how many people were walking by and staring at us haha
Here are a few of the many we took that day. Clay quickly cleaned up a few of the shots in photoshop and sent them over, when he gives me the rest I will post them!

Steph and IJosh being a model hahaha
Joshy and I
Not a huge fan of this one
I am in dire need of a tan haha
After pictures we came home and made pizza for lunch and then Clay headed home. Josh and I ran our errands and did the grocery shopping and then when we came home we headed over to the park with Stephanie and Anthony to play some tennis!

Lets just stay Stephanie and I don't have the best aim and a few of the balls ended up outside of the tennis court, and even in a tree haha
We finished the night off with some hungry hungry hippo and watched the season finale of the Real World Cancun - I can't believe Aiiya slept with Joey!

Sunday was a super productive day! Not only did we sleep in, which felt lovely, we also did some major house cleaning and a ton of laundry.
I also framed my College Diploma and hung it on the wall... it only took me a year and a half after I graduated to do it haha
Framing it up!
Closing it up tight!
And last but not least, putting it on the wall!
Joshy and I also took a bike ride in the rain :)
And we made some delicious bean dip for dinner and watched the news. Then I had to go to a Manager's meeting for work at 8pm which sucked, but oh well, it was still a great weekend!

Happy Monday!



Shanna Suburbia said...

How sweet! And your pictures together are lovely!

Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it! =)

the future mrs Hinz said...

well you had a super busy weekend OFF! i love all of those pics. they look like engagement pics :)

JessBay said...

Josh is so sweet with the flowers! Looks like you guys had a great weekend and your brother is super talented. Have a good week!

Annie said...

you and josh had a very productive weekend!!
the photos you two took together are so cute! i love the one on the steps!!
oh and the flowers he got you, so pretty! what a sweetie you have :)

Katie said...

soooo cute!

Sarah Ann said...

Dang! Tuscany is NICE. I think its even nicer than Beauj! Did you ever live on campus? I had the pleasure of living in Cabernet my freshman year and then Beauj the half of my sophomore year I was there.

Anonymous said...

You had a busy weekend! The pics are great!

Anonymous said...

You had a busy weekend! The pics are great!

Lil' Woman said...

When you and Josh get engaged or married, Clay can def. do your photos, they look really good! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I bet people thought you were taking engagement photos and that's why they were looking. Super cute flowers! I'd say he's a keeper!

Maryellen said...

Great weekend for sure! The pictures your brother took are fantastic.

I love the fact that you played Hungry Hungry Hippo. That's awesome.

Jen said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Jules said...

I'm glad that you had a nice weekend and the flowers that Josh got for you are beautiful. It sounds like you got a lot of activities in with swimming, tennis and bike riding…fun!

The photos look really nice and remind me of engagement portraits. Very nice!

MrsB said...

your brothers photography is incredible. great photos of you and the mr!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Those are great pictures!!!

Your flowers are beautiful! :)

KatieKelly said...

I love your pictures!!