Monday, June 8, 2009


This weekend Josh and I made my favorite dessert EVER. Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie! Yuuuum! So I thought I would share with you how to make this overly delicious pie, just how my lovely Mom once showed me :)

What you will need:
-1 Oreo Pie Crust
-1 Box of Chocolate Pudding
-2 Tubs of Whipped Cream
(I chose Fat Free whipped cream, although with this kind of thing that doesn't mean much haha)

First you need to make the pudding:
Then add about 1/2 of a tub of whipped cream to the pudding:
Then stir it all in:
Then pour the whipped creamy pudding into the pie crust (don't fill the pie crust all the way):
Mmm, looks delish already:
Then take the remaining 1 1/2 tubs of whipped cream and put them on top of the pudding:
Like this:
Then put it in the freezer to harden up! :
(don't judge, as you can tell I'm a dessert girl, hence the ice cream AND ice cream sandwiches in there too! haha)

Usually we let it sit in the freezer all day or over night so it isn't mushy. Then you can take it out and enjoy! But as a word to the wise, make sure you remember to take it out before you eat dinner so it can defrost a bit so you can actually cut through it.

Hope you all can take a break from your Shred's for a bit to try it! :)



Debbie said...

Love the look of your freezer, looks familiar, very much stuff can you cram into a freezer??? hahahaha, only we know the answer to that one!

Annie said...

That looks so yummy and easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

I have 2 freezers and most of the time they both look exactly like yours ;)

Lil' Woman said...

I want to make that now! : )

Miss Adventure said...

Mmm that sounds so good! Hey I wanted to let you know that I JUST realized I hadn't been following your blog! I was looking at comments on one of my blogs and was thinking, "hey! There's that chick Katie that has so much in common with me...wait, I read her blog don't I? *double click* oh no!" So I went back through and looked at some of your recent entries and there is so much we have in common! I LOVE tubing at Camanche! Its one of my FAVORITE lakes. We went there a lot when I was growing up as a kid!

Maryellen said...

That looks really good! I'll have to make it some Saturday. =)

20 Times A Lady said...

Hey gir, where do you work?! I'm in Event Planning too out here on the east coast!

Love the recipe too! Thanks :)

20 Times A Lady said...

We're a very small company. Only about 7 people. We do mostly Pharmaceutical Meeting Planning, but I've done Events for years.

I try and do some weddings on the side.

Best of luck with your search!

jen + ryan said...


Aliya said...

OMG, this is my hubby's fave but I never knew how to make it! Thanks for the recipe!! :)

jlc said...

oh wow!!!

i havent had something like that in foreverrrr. kinda makes me crave cool whip.