Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stressing out!

Josh and I currently live in a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment close to campus. We really want to move because we are outgrowing this little place, and we would like a small yard and garage [our balcony has two bikes, a BBQ, firewood, and Josh's Hockey gear on it, so our real estate is pretty maxed out]. Anyways, houses cost a lot more to rent, so we asked one of my best friends Stephanie to live with us. We are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. The Master for Josh and I, Stephanie in the larger room, and the smallest room would be an office.

The Dilemma:

Stephanie's lease is up July 1st, our lease is up July 31st. So we have two options A)We Pay Double Rent for the month of July -OR- A) Stephanie lives on our couch for a few weeks so we don't have to pay double rent. Either way it is inconvenient and not ideal, but all three of us have decided that option B is probably the better (and cheaper) way to go.

Additional Dilemmas:

There aren't a lot of great places right now. Since this is a college town, most houses become available in May and August because that is when the students cycle in and out. So we just started looking in June and are coming up pretty empty handed. Yesterday Josh and I looked at a place that noticeably had a propane/gas leak of some sort, and I was just thinking are you serious right now.

We found a GREAT place, but of course, the people want to rent it out ASAP. So we just have to sit here and wait a few weeks and hope no one else swipes it.

Ughhhhh this whole process is just stressful, I've already bit off all of my nails!! Oh well, everything happens for a reason right?



Life with Lindsey said...

I think you should have your friend stay on your couch...however, if you really like the other place I would pay the double rent or see if they would go down on the first months rent since you won't technically be living in it yet. see what they say, it can't hurt to ask. GOD SPEED MY CHILD>

Mare said...

It will all work out Katie! =)

Annie said...

Couch idea is definately a good one, you will want the extra money when you find a new place.

Everything happens for a reason, it will all work out!

Happy house hunting! :)

Lil' Woman said...

good luck girl, I hope everything works out for ya! :)