Friday, June 5, 2009

Girls Night with Me, Myself, and I

Last night I went to the Farmers Market downtown with my good friend Angelina, then when I came home I had the house all to myself. (Josh was at hockey)

So I decided to put on my favorite pair of jammie pants, make a cup of hot chocolate with whip cream, and watch some tv :)

Hot Chocolate def. tastes better out of a Vera Bradley mug bahaha

I watched the Season Finale of the Hills. I know I know, it's stupid, scripted, and annoying, but I love it. I'm glad Lauren went to Heidi's wedding, even though she didn't support the marriage, I think she totally would have regretted not going. And I guess I'm totally out of the loop on this one, but what did Kristen Cavallari do to create the tension between her and Lauren?
Josh got home around 10:30 and made himself a quesidilla while I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (Thank god Kourtney broke up with her slimey boyfriend!). Then after he ate that he was still hungry, and we didn't have a ton of options so he said he wanted to eat a piece of the birthday cake his sister made me, I had to explain to him that after playing hockey cake probably wasn't the most valuable thing to eat. So after some convincing he let me make him scrambeled eggs with ham and cheese, yummm.

Then we talked about his hockey game and how he got some goals and assists and then went to bed. Overall it was a nice relaxing night, watching some mindless tv :)



Annie said...

I love those kinds of nights and I love the Hills!!

jlc said...

Sounds like a plan!!!!

Ouuu I like those nights and if we lived closer we could be drinking out of our matching mugs together!

Maryellen said...

Nice night with your very nice mug!=)

Lil' Woman said...

To answer your question:
It all goes back to the days of Laguna Beach where them two were in a sorta-love triangle with Stephen Coletti

LiLu said...

Those are my favorite nights... and I love me some Hills, craptastic and scripted though it may be!