Friday, July 30, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday!

Freaking Check THIS OUT!!
Yea, that's right. Josh and I are pro chefs!! Look at that Masterpiece!!

Last night we made Chicken Stir Fry and Fried Rice! I randomly picked up these seasoning packets the other day from the store, along with all of the fresh veggie ingredients and it turned out DEEEELISH!! :)

I highly suggest giving it a try! :) Happy Friday!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Without Cheating....

Can You name ALL of Santa's Reindeer?
What about all of Snow White's Seven Dwarfs?
The other day at work we were trying to name them all off and we were stumped with one reindeer and one dwarf, but after going crazy over it we finally remembered!

So can you name them all without cheating??


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gym Freak Of the Week!!

It has been forever since I have done a GFoTW!!! Again, I think I am becoming immune to their freakish ways, but yesterday I realized that I need to snap out of it! These people are freaks!!

This realization came when I saw this for about the millionth time:
I'd say that this old man is at the pool probably 3 out of every 5 times I go. He does not exercise. He comes solely to soak up the rays that shine into the pool house from the skylights above. The greatest part you ask? He lays there for about 45 minutes, and naturally the sun rays slowly shift - and he moves with them!!!! So I'll start my work out with him in the farthest lane from me and by the time I am done he has his arms and legs hanging over the side of the pool into my lane!!

This old man comes complete with a huge belly, bright red swim trunks, and a white sweatband. I'm tempted to let him know that he can sunbathe at a public pool for less money than his gym membership and that he will get a constant flow of rays.... but I don't think he would listen.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Scandalous!

As with pretty much all retail establishments, each month my work gets a new CD, that we play OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER some more for the entire month.

Usually the CD is about 3-4 hours long, so you hear every song twice a day and about a billion times a month. Because of this, there are two stages that we go through with the songs on the CD, the first is obsession and the second is sickness.

I'm currently obsessed with Enrique's song Heartbeat! I just Love it!

With that said, I decided to look up the music video, and I was totally shocked at what I saw. I mean, lots of music videos are racy these days, but this one!! Whoa man!!

Please pay close attention at 00:45, 03:30, and 03:37 ... those three moments totally made my mouth drop!

In college I was a Comms major, and I spent my fair share of classes studying film and understanding symbols, and let me tell you - that pole on his bed, is DEF a phallic symbol... without question! Man o man Enrique, way to make a comeback!!



Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Recap! :)

This weekend had it's ups and downs, and by downs I mean some big ones, but today we will focus on the ups!

On Saturday I was supposed to meet up with my good friend Katie and her sister Becca who was in town from VA, but plans changed and I still needed to take care of some things in the city -so off Josh and I went!

First Stop: The Westfield on Market St!
It was a beautiful day in the city! :)
They had a smart car exhibit inside! I just had to sit in one!
I love riding the escalators in this mall, the first few floors have curved escalators!! Josh on the other hand... not so much!
While we were there my main order of business was to stop in at Vera Bradley! I picked up a few birthday gifts and then got this cutesy for myself! It is the "Knot Just a Clutch" in the new Very Berry Paisley print - love it! :)
Then we decided to walk to Chinatown on a mission for the Fortune Cookie Factory!
The Chinatown Gate!
Thanks to my iPhone I was able to map out how to find the small alley where the place was!
Found it!
It is a little hole in the wall, but the cookies are so freaking good!
We got a bag of the flat ones and the folded ones with fortunes :)
Great Success!
Then we headed back to Union Square to the parking garage, and saw the cable car!
And Macys!
And Neiman Marcus!
Union Square!
Josh couldn't stop eating the cookies!
When we got back to town we went out to dinner in downtown Santa Rosa, and there was a Lucy on display!
Up close!
Then on Sunday we had our End of the Year work meeting! It was PJ Party Themed and we had a feast of slumber party food!
Such a great weekend despite the few hiccups, but I just keep telling myself everything is meant to be!


Friday, July 23, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

While browsing through Tuesday Morning (sadly the only store worthwhile in our outlet mall) I found this gem! This one of a kind beaut brings a WHOLE new meaning to the term "beach theme"!! bahaha
I mean really? Who would want those those nasty sea horses holding up their table?? ANND to make matters worse it was outrageously priced at $189.00!!! What!??! The worst part - a few days later it was gone - so someone actually BOUGHT IT!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

300th Post Giveaway Winner!!

Without further adieu....

The Winner of the $40 CSN Stores Gift Card is....

IVY!!!!!!!!!!!! At LITTLE WOMAN, LITTLE HOME!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who entered! And thank you for making the last 300 posts so fun and memorable! I love reading your comments everyday, they always make me laugh!

Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

stupid work shelves + me = trip to ER

At our work we have rolling storage shelves.

This picture is just to give you an idea, because the ones we have are much more GHETTO. They are able to moved by a nice crank nor are all of the tracks and such hidden. So we have to push and pull them by hand, and stop them with our bodies or use this HUGE metal brake that sticks out a few inches around the bottom.

Well yesterday morning I was walking in our stockroom, between the managers desk and the storage shelves. A co-worker was sitting at the desk so I had a smaller clearance to get through but this has never been an issue before so I'm just walking FULL speed when I whack my ankle SUPER hard on the metal brake that is sticking out from the rack. It was one of those hits that makes you light headed and super hot! So I sat down, collected myself and I was fine....

...until lunch time, then it started swelling and by the time I got off of work I couldn't put any weight on it! So I got home, showered, then rested on the couch for a bit with it elevated. The pain started to go away but I still didn't have full movement of my ankle, and after sending my Mom a picture she insisted that I go to the ER.

As you can see, it was so swollen you couldn't even tell if I had that little ankle bone or not!
So we headed to the ER. Josh was much happier on this visit than his last... haha
I on the other hand was not too happy :(
they stuck us in the non-priority room because I wasn't dying, but my foot felt like it was going to fall off! haha
Josh got to sit next to all of the supplies... and we might have left with an extra ace bandage or two...
The doctor poked my foot in two spots and when I said it hurt he said we needed x-rays - lovely.
ohh pretty colors!
Just waitin after the x-rays. On the bright side I had a nice nurse named Gloria.
The x-rays came back negative so I just have REALLY bad bruising and swelling. It was a waste of time, but I'm glad we went so at least I know nothing is wrong and that I am just going to gimp around for a day or two!

In the end they wrapped it up in an ace bandage and sent me on my way. I slept with some ice packs on it and was able to sleep pretty well. We will see how work goes today - we have a big floorset so elevating my foot isn't going to be so easy...


Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday!

Wowsers. So before my camping trip last weekend I was in a frantic search for a new swimming suit - I looked EVERYWHERE. And during one of my stops I found myself int he dressing room at Old Navy. While changing I happened to look up to notice this:
A lovely piece of insulation dangling by a thread above my head. I understand that they are going for the "industrial" look with the open unfinished ceilings in their stores, buuuuuttt I'm pretty sure they should probably make sure things aren't about to fall on their customers!! I mean really, how would you NOT notice that?!?!?!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something must be wrong with me...

As many of you know by now, I am a PINK lover. All things pink. Bathroom, Bedroom, Bicycle... you name it, I've got it -IN PINK!

But lately I haven't been able to get my mind off of this amazing duvet set from Pottery Barn... and *gasp* it isn't pink!!!!
I worked for Pottery Barn Kids throughout college and took advantage of the great discount, but after 4 years of rotating out my 3 pink toned duvet sets I'm starting to feel a room makeover coming on. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pink floral PB duvets, but I think it just might be time for me to move on to something a little more adult.

But who knows, this may be a temporary fever that might pass... but something tells me I will be snoozing in these beach inspired linens sooner than later :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend of Camping and Boating!

I'm Back!!! I've been out of the bloggy world for almost a week now and I was starting to have with-drawls! haha

Last week I had Thurs-Sunday off, so Josh and I were able to join my family and our friends for my parents annual lake trip that they host for their company! It is by far my favorite trip of the summer!

So on Thursday Josh and I headed home to Livermore and picked up my brother from my parents house and then embarked on our journey! When we arrived at the check in gates we saw a hilarious Motor Home Fail - note the sign.
Once we squeezed by the stupid motorhome we headed toward our group camp and along the way we found a sweet whale!
flying whale!
Clay and Josh then set up their tent (I slept in the motorhome with my parents :) )
Then we hung out and waited for my parents to come back in from boating. Josh forgot a book to read so I loaned him The Time Traveler's Wife haha
Over the course of the weekend we spent a lot of time out on the water :)
Enjoyed a lot of pretty sunsets!
And did some fun water sports!

Clay getting ready to Sumo Tube!

vroom vroom!
Clay looking like a buoy
then it was my turn!
fun stuff!
Joshy and I hanging out in camp!
We also went out on our daily Floatilla (where we all tie the boats off together and float in the water)
On Saturday we met up with some friends who had a house boat!
My Mom floatin' :)
Our friend's little boy Levi riding in our boat!
The boat!
Then on Sunday it was time to pack up!
my Dad's friend Stan found a Toad in the wood pile!
And the boys hung out with the dogs while we waited to leave
Then it was back on the road home :(
We helped my Dad put the toys away and unload the motorhome
Then we said goodbye to my brother Kevin who was leaving for college - Go Boise State!
And then Josh crashed and took a long nap!
It was an AWESOME weekend and I am so thankful that I was able to get the time off of work to join my family and friends. We had a blast!

ANNND I managed to stay sunburn free until the last day when I switched from No-Ad Sunscreen to Coppertone- so a word to the wise - if you are boating avoid Coppertone! It washes off!!!

Now it is back to work, but at least I have some sun to show off finally :)