Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A few months ago I won a great giveaway from Mrs. B over at From Our Place to Yours! It was super neat because I was able to design and create my own card from Digital Room! They had a lot of different options and pre-made templates, but I opted to go with a simple and practical Thank You Card that I created myself!

On the front I used the same heart flowers that are in my header (thanks to my brother) in a light pink!

On the back I used the same flowers but reversed the colors and added "Made With Love By Katie" next to them :)
They turned out super adorable! I am so excited to have them because I always send out Thank You cards, and now I am all stocked up!

Thanks Mrs. B and Digital Room! The Cards turned out great!!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow is my 300th post and I have a little something in store for you!