Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend!

This last weekend I had Friday and Sunday off, which was great because it gave Josh and I some time to go adventuring :)

On Friday we headed in to SF for a day of shopping!!
All day I had been eying the new Coach Poppy Shoulder bag in the Sateen Signature... I saw it in Bloomingdale's, I saw it in Nordstroms, and I saw it in the window of the Coach store... needless to say it was haunting me!! We ended up leaving SF without the bag, but Josh knew how much I wanted it so we stopped at the Corte Madera mall on the way home so I could pick it up at the Coach store there! YAY! :)

I am so excited for my new bag, and getting it with my discount makes it even better! haha
I also got the new Spring Mix Keyfob! It is so cute! There are also lady bugs on it, but you can't see them in the picture.
While in SF we went to the A&F and I got TWO new pairs of jeans! For free! Thanks to some gift cards that I had been carrying around, Yay! And what was even better, was they were the first two pairs I tried on! Talk about luck!
Yay for new jeans!
After the city we came home and I went to the gym, then we made some pasta for dinner and caught up on our DVR!

On Saturday I had work and Josh was going to be gone all day for hockey, so when he walked in to Coach with these beautiful flowers I was SO SHOCKED!!! There were so many people in the store and everyone said "AWWWWWW" at the same time! It was really cute/embarrassing haha!
flowers with out flash!
Saturday night after work I went to the gym again and then I watched 500 Days of Summer with Stephanie and Anthony. It was such a good movie! Then Josh got home pretty late from his tournament and we went to bed because we had a lot of fun plans for Sunday!

We started off Valentine's Day by having some yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then headed to the beach for a picnic! :)

At this particular beach they have restrooms near the parking lot, so I was using one and I locked the door and even checked it twice but some guy opened the door on me! Ahh!!!

This is him. hahaha

Our beach blanket with my whale backpack and whale cooler!
Happy Valentine's Day!
We went to Limantour Beach, it is so pretty and usually pretty empty, but naturally there were a lot of couples there for v-day!
Joshy and I!
Ok weird: This man was giving his wife a really gross massage right there in public! They were getting way too physical! It was so nasty! ANNNND their daughter was playing in the sand right next to them! gag!
A random wheelchair...

After the beach we went home and got ready to go out to dinner at Flavor! Our favorite Italian Restaurant :)
We enjoyed an amazing meal! And even found some cows on the way back to the car...
We finished off the night doing some grocery shopping and going home to make milkshakes and watch Undercover Boss - which is my new favorite show - not going to lie.

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day too! I know I sure did!! :)



Steph said...

I love that bag. Unfortunately I have grounded myself from Coach stores for a while.

The flowers are beautiful. What a great surprise!

And Undercover Boss = awesomeness.

Shanna said...

Sounds so fun...I am laughing at the massage couple!

That's Sassy said...

Love your new coach bag!! Lucky you with the discount!! Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetheart!!

Christy said...

Love the new bag!! Sounds like you guys had an a-mazing weekend!! :) Glad you both had downtime for some adventures!!

Hailey {HRH} said...

OMG those flowers are gorgeous! how pretty! looks like you had a fun little weekend! love your new bag :)

Maryellen said...

Aw, your Valentine's weekend was such a great one. You make me laugh with the pictures you take of people.


Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Glad you had a good Valentine's Day! Those pictures of random people are hilarious!

Kate said...

What a great Valentine's Day.
I was once walked in on while in a porta-potty...I'm scarred for life.

I left you an award at my blog. You might have to search for it a little.. but its there - I PROMISE!

~*Katie*~ said...

Love the flowers and the Coach Bag!!!

Annie said...

we love undercover boss too!!

glad you and josh had such a great valentine's day celebration together!! you two are so cute!! love your new bag too!! i can't believe someone walked in on you!

Sarah Ann said...

So that whale backpack is totally awesome. Glad you had a good!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Woohoo for getting another Coach bag! I think I might need you to pimp out your discount to me on my visit haha.

I love the random wheelchair at the beach. Glad you had a great time!!

Jen said...

You two are so cute! And I can't believe that guy walked in on you- it's awesome that you got a photo of him!

.Ashley.Lynette. said...

Aww! Looks like you had an amazing weekend :D
Love the Coach bag.. and 500 Days of Summer is so good! Happy VDay!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

looks like a lovely weekend!!!

jennster said...

awwww- how cute and what a great weekend!!!!!!!!! love the freaking keychain! don't know why. and love the purse. know why.

DUDE, i am in the process of doing something totally fucking awesome and i need you and all your local friends to support it. will be in touch when it launches! :)

Jamie Pickle said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!! Lovin' the new purse!

Selma said...

Girl, I love your weekend! :) And I think it's amazing you found those jeans right away and they fit and all. Hardly happens, ever! :) And yes, I'm secretly looking for that bag too. Sigh.
Katie, you two are super cute. And I love your sunglasses! :)

Have a great day girl. xoxo

Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend and a great Valentine's Day!

Jules said...

Hi, sweet friend! Sorry I am just making it over here. I have blog guilt due to a busy week at work last week…lol

I love that you can take day trips to fun places like San Francisco! The new Coach bag is great. The Poppy collection is really cute. I also like the key fob. You are all ready for spring! Yay for new jeans on gift cards too. I love the rinse on both pairs.

Josh gets major brownie points for surprising you at work like that! The flowers are beautiful.

I want to see 500 Days of Summer. It looks really good. A Valentine’s picnic on the beach sounds divine. That is creepy that a guy opened the restroom door…eek. Love the K hearts J in the sand! You two are so cute.

The cow pics and random/weird people beach pics are priceless!