Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Day Hockey Weekend!!

What a great weekend! I had three days off and it was PACKED full of things! Thursday night after I got off of work Josh and I drove home to my parents for a yummy meal of Chicken Parm, yum! :) Then after dinner we hung out and watched some TV with my dad.

On Friday I got up and went to get Hot Chocolate with my good friend Katie! We went to Panama Bay, which I had never been to before. It was a really nice homey feeling place, and we had a lot of fun catching up!
After my hot chocolate date with Katie I headed to Josh's and from there we ran a few errands and then went home and had lunch. That evening we headed to San Jose because Josh and his sister had two games that night for their semi-pro hockey team. They ended up losing both games but Josh got some goals so that was good!

Then on Saturday we headed to Woodland where Josh and Amber were playing in a college hockey tournament on the SSU team.

Can you tell they are related? haha

Here are a few pictures from the games, but as you can tell...
1) Josh is too fast for my camera and
2) my camera sucks haha

Amber is the goalie for the SSU team and Josh is a forward, but as of lately he has been playing D, he is the one in the center of the picture in the white jersey.
Yay # 8!
They had four games on Saturday so in between the 5pm game and the 9pm game we went to get some dinner, and we decided to go to Sonic!

I must admit, this was my very FIRST TIME EVER going to a Sonic and it was amazing! We don't have one close to where we live, and now I am jealous of all of you who talk about going to Sonic all of the time! Those tots were delish! :)
After dinner and a quick nap in the car we headed in for the last game. Here is Joshy waiting for game time.
Me and the sweaty monster after the game :)
On Sunday we DID NOT watch the Super Bowl. There I said it. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about football, so instead of watching it we headed back to our house from my parent's house and made an IKEA pit stop along the way! (Josh broke one of our plates so we went to go pick up another - but sadly they don't carry them anymore! Lame!)

We were pretty hungry by the time we got to IKEA so we walked over to the outdoor mall next to IKEA to grab a bite to eat! We decided to try this place called Asqew where they are all about skewers!
Josh got the Thai BBQ Skewers and a Cesar Salad
And I got the Texas BBQ Skewers with Mashed Potatoes! :)
And yes, they were as delish as they look!!

After our quick detour to Ikea and lunch we headed back home to do some grocery shopping, which was great because there were ZERO lines at the grocery stores. And as you all know, no line at Costco is an urban legend - but we were able to experience it! haha

Once we got home and unloaded all of our groceries we decided to take advantage of the great weather and go for a bike ride! Then we came home, put on our jammies and relaxed the rest of the night and went to bed early - the perfect end to a busy weekend!

I hope you all had a great weekend as well! Now it's back to work! boo!



JessBay said...

Sonic is great, their milkshakes are the best but that food you guys have looks yummy! Looks like a fun filled weekend! Have a good Monday!

Selma said...

Love the pictures girl. And yes, it's totally okay that you didn't watch the superbowl. I am just glad the Saints won. ;) that's all. I don't even know the rules...there, I said it too. Whoops! ;)

Have an amazing day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend away from the store! I am super excited that you went to Sonic...although I am in shock that this was your first time (you know I go everyday!) I am sad today because it snowed like crazy here and I actually found a ride to Sonic & they were closed...BOO! Ya'lls dinner looks delish! Have a great week!

Justine said...


Annie said...

your 3 days off sound perfect!! glad you and your man got to spend so much time together and have so much fun...eating lots of yummy food!! those skewers look amazing! yum!
i didn't watch the superbowl either! ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Ohhhh how i love Sonic! I seriously don't know how you don't freeze to death watching the games all day!

MrsB said...

um yes, your food looks fantastic!

Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a fun weekend and sonic..mmm! :)