Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Landlord from you know where...

Monday night our shower got to the point of no return. It has had a slow running water leak since we moved in in August - which I have been asking our landlord to fix - and she keeps brushing me off. But Monday night, it got to the point where it wasn't a small leak but it was constantly running instead. LOVELY.

So we had to TRY to sleep all night with it running super loud, I'm telling you it was like Chinese Water Torture!! Needless to say I woke up in a really bad mood on Tuesday and knew I had to let this beezy know I meant business. So I called my dad for some pointers and then I crafted this bad boy and clicked "send!"

"Hi Deborah,

I am writing to follow up on the email I sent on September 28th in regards to the Master Bathroom Shower. At this point in time it is unusable, and the water is no longer a slow leak, but it is instead running constantly. I have attached pictures of the water leaking, please note that the shower knobs are in the OFF position and it is still running water non-stop. Not only is this wasting a large amount of water, but because it is the hot water that is running we are paying to heat water that we are not using.

This has gotten to the point where it needs immediate attention in order to save water, money, and spare any more possible damage to your structure. As you can see in the other photos that I have attached, the steam from the hot water leaking overnight has caused water buildup throughout the entire bathroom. The water buildup on the ceiling, and shutters/window in the picture is not from showering, it is solely from the leaking tub.

As we go in to our first large storm of the season it is highly inconvenient to have to leave the bathroom window open to offset the amount of humidity and attempt to air it out, in addition to all three of us having to now share one shower.

I have no problem arranging a plumber to come and fix this ASAP and I am willing to front the money and have it deducted from next months rent (November).

I work until 7 today, and if I don't get an email response from you by 12 noon on how we should proceed I will give you a call on your cell phone. Josh will be home around 12:30 and would be available to let a plumber in to fix the problem.



After her giving me the run around for so long, you better believe she responded to that email right away and left me a voice mail. Stupid Beezy it is about freaking time!! Rage Rage Rage!

Some of you may remember the condition of the tub when we moved in and how freaking disgusting it was, well guess what, after re-caulking it and cleaning it all up in August it is starting to get bad again from the constant leaking. I'm so fed up! I can't wait until Josh and I buy our own house, I'm sick of renting and paying someone else my hard earned money to live in a place that they don't even care about (which stinks because this place has so much potential! And as it is I have done wonders with it - of course :] )

Here is a picture of the non-stop running water we were dealing with...
we had water build up on EVERYTHING! We had to throw away the roll of toilet paper because it was fully saturated, and our towels were all damp - so nasty!
Luckily she got the issue resolved so last night we were able to sleep without the Chinese Water Torture, thank god! But of course there is still the burner that won't light, the plantation shutters that don't close in sync, the lack of her providing a lawn mower as promised... etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

Do any of you have terrible landlords? Or are Sarah Ann and I the only ones?



Steph said...

Good thing its fixed. However, I would have like to seen the next letter or conversation. :)

I had a crappy landlord once. We were always having to fix stuff because they wouldn't. Then they didn't even give me my deposit back. Said they would but its been three years and I have not seen it. (I called lots before I finally gave up on it.) Then the scumbags came into my work when I still waited table and I had to be nice to them.

Demara said...

Yup we have an interesting Landlord...let's just say he likes to save money...but he's easy going and we just need to phone him to get something done usually.

The plumber was out not too long ago to fix things. However, now we don't have much water pressure in the tub.

But everything works.

After flushing the toilets the pipes make a LOUD sound that mimicks a mad cat sound!! I'm sure it'll scare our company away for sure. hehe

It's an older building so I'm not sure anything can be done for the cat living in the pipes, and as far as the water pressure goes. I think it may have to do with our hot water tank.

The old tenants, our friends, turned down the temperature of the hot water, so I'm thinking it has something to do with that. I can only fill up the tub almost half way and I can only put on the HOT tap...because it's not hot enough :P

Oh well, at least it works. Oh and this tub is A LOT smaller than our old one was. (we just moved across the hall in our building. Because it's quieter on this side. and it has laminate.)

Anyhow I hope your landlord gets on things, and right away!!

Sarah Ann said...

I can't believe shes waited THAT long to take care of the problem! You make me feel lucky to be going through a rental company so at least the owner can't give us the kind of BS that you're having to deal with. Speaking of our crappy rental agency, someone came by to fix our gutter yesterday and just started working away on the house without saying anything first. It was kind of like, "um, hi I'm here so please tell me before you start banging on my home!" Gotta love renting hu?

Lis said...

Oh my goodness - you poor thing!! I am so sorry that you had to go through that!! I had an awful landlord who would constantly come into our place without telling us ahead of time (SO ILLEGAL!) ugh I think we all deal with stuff like this at one point or another!!

I'm so glad you got it resolved finally!! I hope you have a much better week now!! xoxoxo

Jodie said...

Oh man, that sounds awful. I'm so glad you got it taken care of, though. I remember the sounds of running water during the night (from a leaky roof), and it is unbearable!!! Hopefully this is a permanent fix for you!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! So professional yet so "I mean business!"

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That sounds and looks BAD! I remember the shower incident from when you moved in. I'm glad that it got fixed though. If I was you, I would just fix the stuff and deduct it from the rent, save the receipts and attach them with your rent check.

Maryellen said...

Finally. It's too bad she let it get really bad before doing anything. She's lame.

Jules said...

Thank goodness the email worked and it was fixed. From the photos and what you described, it looks like it was really bad. Having an apartment can be such a pain sometimes, so I completely understand.

You are not the only one. When we lived in our apartment, we were on the top floor (3rd) and a squirrel had gotten in through the arches in between the roof and the ceiling during the winter. It decided to burrow in the ceiling above our bed. We constantly heard a scratching noise and it drove us crazy! They finally caught it, but it/one of its little friends got right back up in the same place a week later. We left soon after that.

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh that sucks. I(hate shitty landlords. When I move from here to PA I will NOT be renting. It's too much of a hassle.

Life with Lindsey said...

wow, talk about totally aggravating, god speed my friend and good luck!