Wednesday, October 28, 2009

6 Year Anniversary Weekend!!!!!!!!

Over the weekend Josh and I celebrated our 6 Year Anniversary! So exciting!!! We decided we wanted to do a mini-getaway because I actually had Saturday AND Sunday off (wahooo!) but the only downside was I still had a work meeting Sunday night at 8pm in Fairfield (where all of the other managers live).

So even though I had the weekend pretty much off, we were somewhat limited as to where we could spend the weekend because we had to be back in Fairfield (which is an hour and a half from where I live) by 8pm on Sunday. Sooo we decided that we would spend our anniversary in the capitol of California - Sacramento, which was def. not our first choice, but oh well!

So we started off the weekend by traveling 3 hours to a place called the Moaning Caverns which has a tour down into a huge cavern as well as zip lining which we thought would be fun!

We saw a lot of windmills along the way there...
Going into the cavern!
We had to squeeze through some pretty tight places in order to get down to the bottom!
Here was Josh's favorite part: going down a HUGE spiral staircase that was wobbling from all of the people in it. (Josh is VERY scared of heights)
More tiny stairs, I'm not sure how couch potatoes go on this tour to be honest...
Josh playing it cool like he isn't scared
one of the huge formations in the cavern! It is two stories tall!! crazy!
So a crazy thing happened when we were down in the cavern, a couple offered to take our picture and then I offered to take theirs. So I took the first one then the gf asked if I would take a second and of course I was like sure no problem, but then her bf was like "wait I have a question..." and he totally got down on one knee and proposed!!! So of course with my blogging instincts I just started snapping picture after picture with their camera of the proposal, her acceptance, and their happiness afterwards, it was so neat!!
After all of the proposal excitement Josh and I made the journey back up the spiral staircase of doom, all the while Josh was holding the railing with a death grip haha
Then after the cavern tour we got to go Zip Lining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can tell Josh wasn't very excited for the Zip Line, but he was willing to try it because he knew how bad I wanted to do it :)
Ready to Zip!
We had to go up to this tree house at the top of the mountain and go across a bouncy bridge to get to the Zip platform. Let's just say that the Zip Line experience was def. put in jeopardy when a bouncy bridge was thrown in the mix -Josh was certainly not happy about having to go across it haha
But we made it to the platform, and despite Josh's fear of heights he handled it like a champ!
The view looking down the line before we took off!
Josh getting all set up. It was neat because we got to zip line at the same time next to each other!

Here is a video I took with my camera of us going down the zip line!! It was so much fun!!

Afterwards Josh said it wasn't as bad as he expected and we both ended up having a great time!!
Then from the Moaning Caverns we drove to Sacramento to our hotel, Le Rivage, which was right on the Sacramento River and it was amazing!!Our Room
A Claw Footed Tub!! So cool!
Our View! There was even a wedding going on while we were there and the bride and groom stayed in the room across from us!
After we got all settled in to our room we changed and went out to dinner at a place called Lucca, which the lady at the front desk recommended- and it was terrible! Oh well. Then we walked around Old Town Sacramento which was neat. We went to one of the old time candy shops!Joshy waking around Old Town!
Then we went back to our hotel and sat by the fire pits near the water for a bit before heading to bed. Then at 5:15 AM our smoke detector kept beeping because the battery was dying and taking the battery out and off of the ceiling didn't make it stop so we had to have some guy from the front desk come and get it which was annoying!

On Sunday, our actual anniversary, we had a quick breakfast in our room and then we headed down to the water to walk around a bit before we left the hotel.
It was such a beautiful day out!
I wish I had more days off like these!
The Sacramento River
Then we went to a really great mall called the Roseville Galleria because I needed more work pants, and we had lunch there and then went to the Sacramento Zoo! It was a smaller zoo but still great to see all of the animals!

fighting animals!
Omg. I kid you not, I couldn't believe this was happening in front of my eyes. This monkey was POOING into its hand and then IT ATE THE POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is so gross to take a picture but it is one of those things where no one will believe you unless you have a picture, so here is the proof!
Joshy and some apes!
Me and a Giraffe, perhaps it's Joshua Giraffe?
A hyena!
Then after the zoo we went to the Vacaville outlets to look for some shoes and jeans for Joshy but came up empty handed, then we headed to Cattlemen's for dinner. We had some really yummy food and had an hour to spare before my work meeting so we headed to Super Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. While we were there I def. stocked up on a BUNCH of x-mas decor!! :)

After the meeting we came home, totaling 450 miles of driving in 48 hours! The Jetta was really tired and needed a nap! haha

So that was our fun 6 Year Anniversary Adventure!!



JessBay said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! That ziplining looks awesome!

Life with Lindsey said...

I am soooo happy you got a nice weekend with Josh. Congrats on such a great weekend, you deserved it! I keep forgetting how short your hair is, I love it!

Steph said...

Wow sounds like a great time! The caverns are beautiful and it looks like the weather was perfect.

Sonja said...

oh wow! yay for 6 years!! :)

Looks like you had a great time!!

Hailey {HRH} said...

what an awesome trip! you looked so cute in your little zip lining gear! and i LOVE the claw footed bath tubs. those things are sooo cool!

happy 6 years and that proposal story rocks!!!! he gave the camera to the right girl!

Jodie said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome anniversary weekend! Congrats once again and I loved the video-- I would totally video myself as well..haha.. too funny!

jennster said...

so fun!!!! dude, i was looking at a gift i bought for my very bf last night- um, i bought it a year ago and i still haven't mailed it cause well... um.. i suck at mailing? anyway, it's from coach (of course cause while i suck at mailing shit, i am obviously, an incredible gift giver).. the receipt said my sales person was KATIE. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

okay so.. i love love love that you took pictures of the proposal! and they will talk about you forever. so nice of you to do! those pics are great! that place is crazy.... i've heard good things about lucca- sorry it sucked for you. lol

happy anniverse!

see you soon- sister & neice's birthday gifts need to be bought!

Annie said...

oh my gosh!!! it looks like you two had so much fun!! you got to do so much!! the zip line looks awesome and an old time candy store! how cool!!
not to mention your fabulous hotel room!!
glad you two had such a great 6 year anniversary!! :)

KLC said...

looks like so much fun!!! Happy anniversary!! I want to do a zip line!

Sarah Ann said...

That is so amazing that you got to take pictures of someones proposal! I mean normally, who has pictures of that?!
And let me just say that you are one lucky girl, because I would NEVER go on that zip thingy if Nick asked me to. My fear of heights is sooo bad.
Glad you guys had a great time, it looked like a fun weekend!
- Oh and I totally clicked on the monkey poo pic- ewwww!

Erin said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! David and I will be celebrating 3 years this December...not as long as you and Josh, but still a long time I think haha! :)

Jon and Steph said...

Looks and sounds like a fun filled anniversary trip! The caverns looked so cool and wasn't the zip line a blast! It seems like it is going to be so terrifying but once you get going it is so much fun.

Sorry you had to be back for a meeting on Sunday night, but it sounds like you all had a great time otherwise! (Minus the smoke alarm going off at 5!)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Even though it wasn't your first choice it seems like you both had a great time!!! Congrats on 6 years!

Maryellen said...

I'm so happy you had such a great anniversary weekend. You and Josh always have fun adventures. I love that you got to witness a proposal. That's so cool.

Jules said...

Happy 6-year Anniversary! It sounds like you had an exciting weekend together. Exploring the cavern and zip lining looks like it was a blast. The spiral staircase is freaky! That is also really awesome that you got to see a couple get engaged and you were the one that got to take all of the photos. So sweet!

The tub is your hotel room looks beautiful and Sacramento looks like a really nice city. I cannot believe the monkey was eating it’s poo at the zoo…ew!