Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday Weekend = Work Weekend

I'm going on my 5th out of 8 work days in a row, and I feel like I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (going to Tahoe this weekend!).

The holiday weekend was crazy busy at work. Customers everywhere, we were understaffed, and all the while having to worry about our secret shopper visit. I'm so scared the shopper is going to come while I am the manager on duty - and further more I am scared we won't get a 100% and I will have some explaining to do to my boss. It is so much pressure and so stressful!!

While being trapped at work all weekend I had the pleasure of meeting one of my readers in real life!!! It was so cool! Sadly I didn't catch her name, as it was so crowded in the store at the time, and I was trying to make sure everyone got greeted while I was talking to her. By the way she has fabulous taste and picked out a super cute bag :) But she needs to get a blog!!!

After that exciting moment, I finished out the day at work, closing with my coworker Isaiah. Then I came home, had some dinner with Joshy, and watched a marathon of COPS with Josh, Stephanie, and Anthony. It is so funny to watch COPS because there are so many idiots out there. Another one of my favorite shows right now is "Inside American Jail" which showcases even more idiots, and it is a lot more current day unlike most COPS episodes that are from the 80's.

In other news, Joshy is feeling better finally. Today he went to school and actually wore real clothes for the first time in a week. It is crazy to think this time last week I was sitting in the ER with him and his sister -No fun!

I hope everyone else had a good holiday weekend! I'm off to find a cute pair of rain boots seeing as how we are supposed to have a torrential downpour tomorrow!


P.S. look what I ordered :)
I broke down and got the patent Maggie in Graphite! You might remember how I was contemplating getting it a while ago. Well, it went clearance, so it was super cheap (in relative terms haha) and I just couldn't pass it up!! Sooooo cute!!! I went for the dark greyish color because after seeing the black one in person I just wasn't sold, but the grey is so pretty! I ordered it last Wednesday, so it should be here any day now!!!


Steph said...

I love cop shows. I like Inside American Jail but I also like Street Patrol.

Annie said...

oh, i'm totally jealous you're getting another purse!! great perks of your job :)
glad to hear that josh is feeling better!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

ordering a new purse always makes my day- yay!

Maryellen said...

Your new bag is really pretty. I'm jealous.


KMC510 said...

I love your purse!! I'm totally obsessed with my purse from this weekend. It was great meeting you.

Children of the 90s said...

I love that bag! When I worked at a restaurant I remember being terrified of secret shoppers coming in, I can relate!

Jules said...

Hopefully since you were so busy at work, it went by fast. I'm sure you're looking forward to getting away this weekend! If you are there when the secret shopper comes, I hope you get 100%.

I'm glad that Josh is finally feeling better and I think that grey was a perfect choice for the new bag. I think it will go with everything. I really like that style and hope you love it!

ABW said...

Love the purse!!!