Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Decorations!

FINALLY! I am posting pictures of our Christmas Decorations! :)

Our living room is pretty decked out!
We even had to have overflow parking for the presents that couldn't fit under the tree!
Joshy's stocking, from PBK haha
My stocking :)
Our cute present stocking holders and a neat little reindeer I picked up at PotteryBarn!
Our Christmas Advent Calendar from PBK of course! Don't mind the ghetto wire hanging (story to come some time soon I promise)
Fun Christmas table runner with festive candy bowls and of course a candle/jingle bell centerpiece that I put together with my interior design instincts/skillz.
Even the end tables have fun decorations, and of course a Christmas Card from a fellow blogger! :)
The Tree! In all of it's tiny glory! I got this tree when I was in college for the apartment I had with my friend Bridget, we opted for a fake tree because both of us were too busy to keep a real one alive during finals. So Joshy and I still use it because it is cute, pre-lit, and already paid for! haha
A picture of it in the dark so you can see the lights!
Some of our fav/funny ornaments! For whatever reason Josh picked this one out last year - so I have to hang it, but I must admit it is growing on me.
Cute little snowmen
I got this neat metal Santa Claus Decoration which is actually a votive holder. And since he is metal it works great because I can put him by the fireplace without him melting or catching on fire! haha
The Mantel (with out all of the Christmas Cards on it)
Fun little letters I got at Target. I may or may not have gone through two packages of these and mixed and matched the letters out of both to make one perfect set without any flaws.
And last but not least, the wreath that I made last year! :)
I am SO FREAKING excited for Christmas, but honestly it doesn't even feel like it for me yet because I have been working the last 8 days straight! Only today and tomorrow and then by the grace of god I was given Christmas Eve off! Yay!! Tonight I work until 10pm then I have to come home and pack because I am heading to my parents house right after work tomorrow.

I feel like Christmas has come so fast, and I know it will be over in a flash, so I'm just going to try to take it all in and enjoy my 4 days off this weekend! Hallelujah! haha!

Happy Holidays!



{The Perfect Palette} said...


Anonymous said...

Love the decor. I hope you catch a break with work real soon & have safe traveling to your parents! Merry Christmas!!

JessBay said...

Looks great Katie! Have safe travels and a great holiday with your family!

Steph said...

Wow! Looks I awesome! I love the stockings and metal santa.

Maryellen said...

Happy Holidays Katie. Your home looks very happy and Christmasy.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love it! You are totally decked out!

Jules said...

The living room looks great and all the presents look so pretty under the tree! I love your cute pink stocking :)

I hope you enjoy the long weekend with family and that is so great that they gave you off on Christmas Eve!

Selma said...

Oh how cute is the snowmen ornament?! Or is it snowman and snowwoman?! ;)
Happy Holidays Katie!!!

Lil' Woman said...

Love all your decorations....esp. your stockings! :)

Heather said...

It looks beautiful Katie!! I love those Christmas blocks!

lola said...

those blocks are too cute and I love all of your decorating. It looks like you had a really nice Christmas! :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Very cute decorations... I sort of wish I would have decorated this year

Hailey {HRH} said...

love your stockings and your merry christmas letters!

Christy said...

Love your Christmas decor!! Especially those stockings!! :)

Shalay said...

I love all of these decorations! You did a fabulous job!

Life with Lindsey said...

Hey, I am just checking all your blogs and I can't believe how nice your house is...can I come live with you hahaha. Write me when you can! Miss you!