Friday, February 27, 2009


So today after work I am driving home to Livermore to visit my parents for the weekend. Is it weird how I still call their house, which I have been moved out of, home? I mean, Josh and I have our apartment, which is homey and cute, but it isn't our home, if that makes sense. I can't wait to buy my own starter house one day and make it into my own home :) Does anyone else still call their parents house "home"?

I'm really excited because I am having dinner tonight with my friends from back home, Sam and Nicole. We are going out to an Italian restaurant and then who knows what! It's always fun when I'm at home because I get to catch up on all of the things I miss while being in Napa. Most importantly, seeing our three labrador retreivers, Bo, Rip, and Belle. They are the funniest and most loving dogs we could have asked for. Here are a couple pictures of Josh and I with the dogs when Belle was a puppy!

Aside from the girls night out, and relaxing at home, I'm hoping to muster up the motivation to wash the Jetta, cause boy o boy, it's filthy right now!

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Life with Lindsey said...

I want your puppy!!!! It is so cute! Hope your weekend was good see you monday