Friday, August 6, 2010

iPhone Foto Friday

Lately at work we have been having some issues with a little mouse being in our store, and even on the sales floor scaring customers! But this week, it went to the level of jungle when I found a SQUISHED baby lizard in the stock room!!!
It was squashed so paper thin and all nasty! I have no idea how it got in our store and all the way to the stockroom, let alone flattened! Grosses me out big time!

This weekend is my weekend off and it is my brother's birthday, so it's time to celebrate! Have a great weekend and Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gym Freak of The Week

For the longest time I have been trying to figure out the identity of this old man at the gym. Almost every time I walk in to the gym he is walking on the treadmill and I always think "man! he looks familiar!" then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks....

FATHER O'Neil From WEDDING CRASHERS was treading it up right before my eyes!!!!
I swear I was so convinced that it was him that I went home and did some research on the actor (Henry Gibson) and figured he must randomly live in my town or something, but alas, I found out that he died in 2009.

Oh well, I guess there is just a Father O'Neil stunt double who goes to my gym! haha


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have you heard...

... about THIS???
There is a woman in the US with two uteruses (spelling?) and she is pregnant in BOTH of them! Could you even imagine?? I can hardly fathom being pregnant in one, but having two, and having them be due a week apart! No thanks!



Monday, August 2, 2010

A weekend of Goodbyes!

This weekend was a happy/sad one! It was one of my favorite coworkers and good friend Amber's last weekend at work! She is switching colleges and sadly is leaving us! But we are so happy for her! Plus it was a great excuse to celebrate all weekend long!

Amber and I!
Little Mariela found herself a small car! haha
After fueling up on some food we headed to downtown Petaluma!
For some stupid reason my camera was on random settings! But oh well!
Me, Ashton, and Caylah!

Of course there was a super creeper following Jorgi around ALL NIGHT! EW!
Mariela and I!
Group Picture :)
We even found time to catch some waves...
End of a fun night!
On Saturday we were all DEAD at work. Our whole staff was out of it and so sleepy after being out until 2 the night before. So I apologize if you received poor service because we were all tired hahaha

Sunday was Amber's last day at work :( The two of us have been joking about doing the Hurricane Simulator for along time, and because it was her last day we knew we had to do it! So on our lunch we headed straight for the crazy contraption!

Me, Caylah, and Amber!
It was so windy!!
our hair became a huge knot!
Then after a long day of customers and eating the TON of junk food that we all brought in, it was time for Amber to clock out for the last time! Amber was happy, but Hazel... not so much!
After work Amber and I went to dinner at Mi Pueblo and sat and talked for a long time. It was great to have some girl time, but def bittersweet :(

Amber also gave me my late b-day gift yesterday... and Hazel was kind enough to wrap it up for me....

It is in a tape prison!
But when I finally got the box open I found this haha
And inside the tissue was this super cute planner!
yay! thanks Amber!!
It was an absolutely GREAT weekend! I had so much fun going out dancing with the girls and doing crazy things. I'm sad that Amber is leaving, but I know we will stay in touch - because no one else shares my love for shopping and Borat quite like her :)