Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ahhh Chooo

The last few days my allergies have been getting to me, which is weird considering that it isn't allergy season.

Yesterday Lindsey and I went to Artessa to look at some artifacts... it was really pretty there! I tried to upload some pictures but for some reason it isn't working.

In other news I think i have been ingesting glitter in my sleep which is getting caught in my throat. You may ask how/why? Well let me inform you: Joshy bought me a nice little holiday teddy bear to keep me company while he is gone, on that beloved bear there is a red scarf and red santa hat adorned with glitter made snowflakes. these snowflakes seem to flurry every which way during my sleep and somehow are getting into my mouth and down the hatch- thus causing me to wake up feeling like there are shards of glass in my throat. You may say "get over it Katie, drink so freaking water" and to this i respond "water doesn't get rid of it!!! it takes about 3 hours, 2 glasses of water, 4 cups of hot chocolate... ect ect". So I am now contemplating stopping by Target on my way home from work to replace the bear with something a bit more health friendly to get me through the rest of the week without him orrrr I could just put the glitter bear in a pillow case, which is a very possible option.

suggestions to end the glitter inhalation problem are welcome.

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